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5 Main Reasons One Must Avoid Bot Traffic

Thinking of buying cheaper bot traffic? Let BuyTrafficGuide tell you why patronizing this kind of traffic won't help you even a bit!

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5 Common Errors when Buying Traffic

Avoid wasting your money due to lack of knowledge after purchasing your traffic from traffic suppliers! Know what you should do before, during and after buying traffic.

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Virality Isn’t Rocket Science

You literally won't need statistical tools or big data to create the most viral contents on the internet. Sometimes, you just need to be familiar with the basics of content creation.

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Clickbaits – Are they Good or Evil?

A lot of content marketers were already embracing the power of Clickbaits. But as someone new to this kind of writing, is it really worthy of venturing?

Looking to buy traffic? Maybe free traffic is the thing for you? The Buy Traffic Guide is your one stop shop for all your website traffic needs. Find all traffic service providers in one place, read traffic service reviews and get more information about related services they offer. Learn how to generate traffic to your website by yourself, for free, optimize your website for search engines and find excellent webmaster tools to help you improve your online business and presence.

Traffic is the essence of any business whether online or offline. No traffic = No sales.

Our goal is to help your business grow online by offering the tools and information you need to succeed.

We all know that a website with no traffic is worthless, we also know that there is a lot of scam and fraud out there and hundreds of traffic service providers offering visitors, hits and clicks promising success and prosperity but providing nothing in return.

We also know that the internet is constantly evolving, mobile traffic usage is growing, social networks are grabbing a substantial part of the average web user's time and if you and your business will not evolve you will disappear.

  • We have categorized all traffic services and awarded the ones that meet our criteria with a seal of approval.

  • We have given you the platform to communicate with the traffic services and even file a complaint if needed.

  • Whether you buy traffic for your business or work hard to build traffic, you have come to the right place!

  • We have made sure to provide a decent platform for webmasters and traffic service providers so that both will benefit and communicate with each other if needed. Other than being a marketplace of web traffic we also aim to do the needful and protect webmasters from rogue services.

  • We will also keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the webmaster world.

We are constantly improving and evolving adding more reputable providers and warning about others.

Webmasters and Traffic service operators are welcome to join, connect, comment and prosper!

Welcome to the Buy Traffic Guide!

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