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The Secret of Getting your First 1K Blog Readers

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1K traffic

Get your very first 1k blog readers with BTG’s easy to follow steps in getting your first batch of blog visitors! Continue reading

How to Get More Traffic with Emotion

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Make your readers feel a lot of emotion, and you can eventually persuade them to visit your website. But how can you do this? Continue reading

5 Content Mistakes that You Should Avoid

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430 x 175

Oops! Does your reader avoid your contents? Maybe there’s something wrong with your contents! Continue reading

5 Red Signs that Shoo Away Targeted Traffic

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red sign

Are you aware that your website has these signs that pushes your targeted traffic away from your beloved site? Continue reading

Should E-Books be your E-Traffic Magnet?

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ebook as traffic magnet

Are E-books really helpful in getting your own volumes of website traffic? Continue reading

How to Keep Your Traffic From “Bouncing”

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traffic bounce

Great amounts of traffic is considered a double-edge blade to some website owners. It may give your site value or it may cause great bounce rates. Continue reading

5 Points to Remember When Receiving Traffic

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traffic passing

Are you ready to receive your fresh batch of traffic? Before you have them on your website, you must first answer these questions! Continue reading

5 No Go’s when Creating Logos that Increase Traffic!

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We all know that logos are your site’s face, but do you know the points that might turn them off? Continue reading

How To Dominate Bing and Yahoo Algorithms?

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Yahoo Bing Domination

Don’t just focus on Google! Learn how you can dominate 1/3 of the overall searches on the internet covered by Yahoo and Bing with these various tips! Continue reading

The Secret Art of SEO in Getting Traffic Part 3

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430 x 175_7

Discover the final secret art of Search Engine Optimization! Know the power of reputation when getting good traffic for your site! Continue reading

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