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What Your Online Marketing Strategy Should Look Like In 2014

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It is probable that your online marketing strategy in 2014 would be totally distinct from the one you are using now. Here are some tips on what your online marketing strategy should look like in 2014:

Do You Work For Google Or For Your Customers?

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In an effort to please Google and fulfill its requirements, webmasters tend to overlook the needs of their customers. do you work for Google or for your customers?

What Will Replace Cookie Tracking?

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Cookie tracking is on its way out; there are no doubts regarding the future of cookie tracking anymore. This will be devastating for webmasters and affiliate marketers as one…

Why WordPress Is So Popular Among Webmasters

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WordPress has outgrown its design as a blogging platform and become one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) available online. In fact, webmasters love WordPress…

The New Generation of Link Building

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In the latest round of updates, Google has targeted link building practices followed by most webmasters for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO)

Google’s Hummingbird Update and Its Effect on SEO

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Google has introduced a new update to its algorithm, titled Hummingbird. It appears as though the search engine giant’s fascination with black & white animals is over as signified by the name..

(Not Provided) to Hit 100% on November 19th, 2013

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In an independent study, it has been predicted that the 100% mark will be reached on November 19th, 2013. That means that it is only a month before the traffic directed by (not provided) keywords will be at 100%.

Social Signals Cost Money

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Social Signals

Social networks and social signals have become crucial to a website’s ranking. There are several ways in which you can get social signals to your website…

Is Google PageRank Dead?

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A reply to a tweet by Matt Cuts, Google’s head of webspam, stating there will not be a Google PageRank update by the end of 2014 along with the fact the PageRank was last updated almost 9 months ago has caused…

Nokia vs. Motorola, Microsoft vs. Google

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Just like Google acquired Motorola, Microsoft has recently purchased mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. Come 2014, Nokia will become a part of Microsoft…

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