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Google Just Rolled an Algo Targeting Hacked Websites

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two hackers

Google yet again released another algorithm update this week, so are you prepared to face this nerve-racking update? Continue reading

5 Unusual Ways to Get Traffic

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man with mask

For sure, you’ll be surprised with BuyTrafficGuide’s unusual ways to get more traffic to your site! Read here to know more! Continue reading

Article Submissions – Does It Still Work For Traffic?

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One way to attract more and more traffic (while doing great on SEO) is to submit articles from various websites. But does it still work with today’s algo? Continue reading

Ending The Argument “SEO is Dead”

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thombstone that says RIP SEO

We’ve heard it enough! Many people are still asking if SEO is already dead, and so we decided to end this argument, once and for all! Continue reading

5 Amazing Ways To Get Blog Reading Traffic

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Let BuyTrafficGuide teach you how can anyone get their own high-quality blog-reading traffic without going through a lot of useless strategies! Continue reading

Aged Domains – Can They Really Attract More Traffic?

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guy with fedora hat with text aged domains

According to some myths, aged domains can attract more traffic compared to newer domains. But is this really the truth? Continue reading

A Noob’s Guide For SEO – 10 (Final)

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noobs guide for seo 10

For the last installment of our special article series, we’ll sum up everything that we learned from our previous articles! Continue reading

A Noob Guide for SEO – Part 9

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noobs guide for seo 9

For our 9th article on this series epic SEO series, we’ll be talking about SEO strategies that you SHOULDN’T do! Continue reading

A Noob’s Guide for SEO – Part 8

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noobs guide for seo 8

We’re going to push your SEO knowledge to its limits as we bring our 8th installment! This time, we’ll be talking about organic traffic! Continue reading

A Noob’s Guide for SEO – Part 7

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noob's guide for SEO 7

Moving forward with our 7th installment, BuyTrafficGuide will teach you some basic SEO strategies that you could use to gain more traffic! Continue reading

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