2015 Fearless SEO Predictions and Forecasts

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SEO Predictions

2014 will almost end within a couple of weeks left on our calendar. As marketers are getting ready for that yearly online trend shift, you must also embrace the coming impact of the marketing conundrum. Are you ready to bid 2014 farewell and face 2015’s newest SEO twists and trends that will surely affect your website traffic?

We have gathered different bits of information from this year’s SEO trend. We tried our best to fit it all in. And little by little, we came up with these fearless SEO forecasts that can serve as a guide for your website handling in the upcoming year.

  1. Social Media will still shake the world, but now with more ads – More webmasters will be tugging their way through social media because the year 2015 will be allotted for social networking site’s paid ads. This means more featured ads, more suggested ads and more targeted value for those who want more accurate traffic.
  1. Contents will be blunt, but impressive articles will shine more – Since contents will contribute more on your SEO in the coming year, many marketers will exert more effort in creating more “engaging” contents. The problem is, not every content is “read worthy”. This is why good contents will rise more while mediocre contents will fall hard.
  1. Mobile Traffic will dominate more – We all know that mobile browsing is continuously rising up and exceeding other forms of browsing. This will make mobile traffic more in-demand. Also, mobile transactions and mobile marketing will bloom more as more and more buyers will depend on their smartphones in purchasing products and services.
  1. Google will have a more refined and stricter algorithm – Blackhats, beware! Your days at the top are officially over in 2015 as Google’s updates will be more refined than ever. Now, blackhat strategies will be purged by Google as stricter policies and indexing will be done by improved crawlers. This means that you have to exert double efforts in maintaining your sites SEO friendly.
  1. Blogging will still be important, but not increasingly effective – This year, blogging was one of the most sought after strategies by webmasters. 2015 will still find blogging important as it still contributes to your site’s SEO, although by next year, and the following years to come, there will be small improvements in its importance to your organic presence.
  1. Buying traffic trend will grow more – Traffic buying will be recognized by more webmasters because of its effectivity. There will be more traffic suppliers appearing on the internet, which will give webmasters more options to choose from.

No matter what happens on the following year, you must still be resilient in your site. Learn to accept more challenges and face problems head on with your site. In this way, you’ll be able to live 2015’s marketing trend with no hassle whatsoever.