2015 Predictions on Mobile Traffic

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Mobile Traffic

The evolution of the Internet does not stop for nobody.

As witnesses of the technological shift in terms of marketing, we know how drastic internet evolution is. From a mere network for soldiers, the internet transformed and transmuted into a network of possibilities. From a mere network of big bulky computers, the internet transmogrified into fine, cable fibers that deliver data.  And now, our connectivity steps forward in another chapter as mobile traffic are expected to be larger than ever this coming 2015.

These are the 2015 predictions on mobile traffic!

  1. According to ABI Research, mobile data traffic will grow by more than 50 percent annually by 2015 from 2012. This means that more and more people are engaging in mobile surfing. Mobile surfing will play a big part in online advertising. More and more people will turn to their mobile devices whenever they want to search something on the internet.
  1. Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast predicted that by 2015, there will be 788 million mobile-only Internet users. This is an amazing number of mobile-only users and shouldn’t be ignored since some brands do not practice mobile advertising.
  1. The mobile traffic will be expected to grow more and more as the number of mobile-internet users in 2015 will be 26 times bigger than the number of mobile-internet users in 2010. Imagine having 26 times better chances in mobile advertising.
  1. Android operating systems will catch up with iPhone when it comes to data in 2015. This is a good reason to think twice when you want only targeted traffic from iPhone users.
  1. The average smartphone data usage will grow up to 79 MB by 2015. This only means more and more people will spend more time browsing their mobile devices.

Those predictions are made by legitimate networking companies that have a good reputation when it comes to mobile networks.

So now that you have an idea about the developments in mobile traffic, how can you prepare for it by the remaining months of 2014? Here’s how!

  • Create mobile-friendly versions of your website

Some website marketers cannot optimize their website because it fails to load whenever some viewers visit it through mobile browsers. Since it isn’t optimized, users usually leaves the page, causing a lot of bounce rates. What you need to do is to have a mobile-friendly website that can be visited from mobile phones. Not only will this leave a great user-friendly experience, but it will also increase website traffic.

  • Buy traffic that is targeted to mobile users

If you think your website can take more advantage of the growing popularity of mobile browsing, and then you could opt out by buying traffic targeted to mobile users.


Get the most out of it by knowing these 2015 Predictions on Mobile Traffic. This will be able to help you maximize your web traffic, helping you gain more subscribers, conversions and sale.

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