3 “Dangerous (and Risky)” Ways to Get Traffic

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risky ways to get traffic

Almost all marketers already got their memo about taking risks with business. It’s either you take the risk and you earn big-time or you play it safe and you earn nothing at all. If you are the kind of person that always go for the safe side, you might be mocked by those sites who already took the risk and succeed. OF course, how to get traffic when you’re are playing it on the safe side and let everyone go without any help from them, right?

Risk is a word when you can treat it positive and negatively. If you get the right stakes and executed the right property, those risks can return to investments. But if you’re the kind of person who tried risks but didn’t achieve anything, then you might want change pace for a change. After all, your traffic won’t come automatically without doing anything about it.

For those who are really aiming for more traffic, you can take try out and bet on risks. According to some website masters, risks are unavoidable. And most of the time, those who do not expect these things are the ones who wins most on risks.

We came up with some of the “dangerous and risky” ways to get traffic. And yeah, there’s no BlackHat tricks involved here!

Are you ready to be a daredevil?

  1. Death-defying topics for contents – If you are one opinionated webmaster, this strategy is perfect for you. Usually, we create contents that are well-accepted by lots and lots of viewers. You can alter the trend by creating contents that does not follow popular belief. Usually, these contents are more shared since internet users prefer more of the “unique and weird” concepts rather than the generic ones.
  1. The amazing act of buying traffic – Well, we admit that it isn’t really risky or dangerous at all, but we assure you that this is as effective as other possible risky strategies. Store bought website traffic from your trusted legitimate website traffic service provider will still bring you the best out of the bet. With highly convertible traffic on your dispense, no one will ever deny the fact that store-bought traffic can be classified as one of the best traffic out there.
  1. Comment like crazy and tell them your justifiable pose – This is applicable for those sites and contents which can redirect a lot of traffic. All you have to do is to leave a strong comment with your URL on it. For this to work out, you must be able to defend your own comment. Attract a lot of attention and you’ll get more traffic in no time.

You don’t have to participate on those BlackHat practices. All you need to do is to “live” your brand’s life to the fullest! Get more than your ordinary targeted traffic by trying out these “risky and dangerous” ad campaigns for your site, starting today!