3 Supercharging ways to get Website Traffic

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3 Supercharging ways to get Website Traffic

It is not that easy to attract website traffic, especially when you think you have tried everything on your website.

I bet you know that feeling when you see your analytics graph love on a straight line (or downwards if you got unlucky) despite the fact that you made those PRs, engaging pop-ups and super banners to attract your web traffic. But as days go by, internet viewers grew more and more tired of seeing the same thing on the internet. This bores them too much that they tend to leave certain websites that looks very generic.
Many website marketers tried everything just to get their website traffic boosted on their desired level. Some go to the extent, that they started using blackhat SEO to rule the search engines (which we knew that could really kill your website’s reputation) while others spend big portions of their sales in getting PPC (pay per clicks) or banners and pop-ups which do not always offer great results.
What you need is something that could power up your website, so that people could be enticed to visit your website more. What your website needs is something that could literally change your visitors’ experience, urging them to take another website visit in the future.

Brace yourself, because here are 3 ways to supercharge your website!

1. QR codes – Some people say that QR codes are already dead, but in reality, QR codes will always be there and will always surprise your viewers.

QR codes (or Quick Response Codes) are those series of black squares and boxes that represents certain contents when scanned using a QR code scanner. These contents may be in the form of texts, links, contacts or any other types of media.

As of today, QR codes may be dominated by NFCs, but putting up these block codes on your website could become a surprise element for your website.

You could use QR codes to give exclusive contents to your viewers and subscribers. These can be tips, discounts, secret messages that can be converted to prizes or direct subscription. To maximize QR codes, you must make it a mysterious and constantly changing so that viewers would keep coming back for more.

2. Lesser redirects – Do you hate it when a certain website always redirects you to somewhere else?

You can increase your website traffic  if your website has lesser redirects because it adds up the loading time of your pages. According to some studies, a website viewer maximum waiting time would be around 2-3 seconds for a website to load. Loading time that extends to that point would simply make your viewers angry, forcing them to leave.

3. Complete website navigation on the homepage – Unlike popular belief, your web traffic are willing to navigate your whole website to see or discover something that might spark their interest. To use that certain spark as your advantage, you must have a complete site map that is located on your home page.

We all know that some viewers are too lazy to click all the links to discover your site’s contents. This is certainly why having a site map can give them a “short cut” to every content that you have, giving them less reason to transfer to other websites.

This might be a common tip that every marketer ever receives in his or her entire online marketing life, but only few of them follow this rule.

If you still have problems with your website, try and apply these 3 simple ways to supercharge your website. Who knows? Maybe these 3 tips can change the way your website runs on the internet! Go for gold and get your website traffic now!