5 Reasons Why Blogging is Immortal in SEO

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If you are an online marketer, this must have been one of the few things that struck your mind first. And we both know that there are many website gurus and specialists that recognize blogging as one of the best ways in attracting traffic, especially those targeted traffic.

Blogging is continuously transforming since it was first released as an online diary. Some internet users saw its potential to express ones thought and ideas, created websites that solely focus on blogging, and encouraged more and more internet users to blog.

More years later, businessmen saw the versatility of blogs that they started creating “business blogs” which does not only reach its viewers through blog readings, but also improve their rankings in search engine rank pages since blogs serves as an individual page for links.

We have witnessed some websites who grew continuously because of blogging. And with that, we came out with these 5 reasons why blogging is immortal.

  1. Your website traffic will still read in the future – Although your viewers’ attention spans continuously diminish as time goes by, their reading will never fade away. Some website viewers would still read and read to know all the information that is needed in their query.
  2. Search engine crawlers are still okay with external linking in blogs – Despite the fact that there are numerous updates from search engines like Google and yet internal and external blogs are untouched, blogging and all of its aspects are still safe.
  3. Blogging can be partnered by any advertising strategy – Blogging is simply versatile. It is so flexible that it can be partnered up with numerous advertisement strategies without conflicts. Not unlike some advertisements which clashes with others, blogging can be dependent and independent at the same time. You can simply buy traffic from suppliers and blog at the same time. This what makes blogging very unique.
  4. It’s a safe way to drive traffic – It is proven that blogging is one of the safest WhiteHat SEO strategies on the internet today. Blogging also serves as a dual purpose for a business. It informs viewers and it drives traffic to your website. This is simply why it wasn’t touched by Google Updates.
  5. It’s for long term use – Will you believe me that your blog articles years ago can still be relevant for today? Blogs have this unique trait of being “infinitely timely” since blog articles will be always about tips and answering common queries. Although some Q and A’s are time sensitive (meaning that solutions can change overtime), they solutions and problems will can still be relevant anytime. This “immortality” aspect makes blogs as one of the long-lasting contents on the internet when it comes to SEO.

Website marketers, learn to create your own blogs and experience the benefits of its never ending assistance to your website. These are 5 Reasons why blogging is immortal in SEO!