5 Ways to Advertise without Sounding Spammy

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One of online marketer’s burdens is to advertise their brand online without sounding too much abusive. A marketer must know that consistent exposure is needed for a customer to be familiar with the brand. But ever since the internet was filled with numerous advertisers filling each corner with ads and banners, any post will most probably be buried quickly. This is why some website marketers decided to spam their advertisements to increase website traffic.

Spams aren’t just your favorite salty meat chunk that you loved. It is also something that you’ll probably hate. And since the internet is full of spams, it made the internet very unreliable.

As a marketer, we limit ourselves by posting our advertisements in a way that it won’t look like we are forcing them to buy our brands. Sometimes, it can be pulled off properly, but sometimes, your website traffic thinks that we are spamming.

With that, let us present to you 10 ways to advertise your brand without looking like you are spamming to your website viewers.

  1. Post different contents – One of the common mistakes that new marketers commit is by posting the same content to other websites without changing or fixing it. Duplication of contents does not only ruin your reputation, but it also ruins your SEO ranking. As of now, one of SEOs rules is to avoid using duplicated contents in your website. Search engine crawlers do not like duplicated (or cloned) contents. When they discover this, your website might suffer from drastic rank lost.
  1. Give ample time allowance between posts – Little do website marketers know that their posts have its own “life cycle”. It’s a must that any posted advertisement must “mature” first before it can be covered down by the next post. Quickly burying contents does not only make you look like you are spamming, but it also waste the potential of your earlier posts. This is simply why some website marketers post only 1 – 2 times a day. This makes your advertisements less annoying and more exciting.
  1. Let your audience do the advertising – If you really want your contents spread across the internet without sounding too spammy, you can urge your viewers to do it instead. If you really want to earn more hits, you could ask for you targeted traffic’s Just make sure that the post that they are sharing is really worth sharing.
  1. Always go for the positive side – Don’t advertise by pointing out your competitors flaws. Advertise by showing your brand’s advantage and possible benefits for your consumers. Do this in order to easily attract website traffic. Remember, your website viewers would dig more if your ads are positive.
  1. Don’t focus on one medium – Maximize your online existence by using different social networking sites. Using this will avoid overlapping of promos and advertisers, lessening the chances that your website viewers find that post very spammy.

Promos and advertisements can still be consistent without cluttering your viewer’s feeds and browsers. You should know when to stop and when to continue to post. As marketers, we need to also think like our website traffic to realize whether our advertisements are abusive or not.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos