6 Arrested for Malware Marketing

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The FBI announced this week that more than 300,000 computers might be infected with malware that was spread by 6 Estonians who used a method of DNS changing to redirect the users of these computers to websites that according to the FBI made the Estonians more than $14,000,000 US dollars.

DNS changer is a malware or a virus that allows the creator of it to direct the infected user to where ever it desires, and specifically to websites that makes the creator of the virus money from advertisements.

These Estonians were arrested but the bigger problem is that this malware still exists on more than 300,000 computers world wide. Controlled computer can be used for many causes including DDos attacks and unauthorized use of websites, hacking and more. And even though the cause is this virus is behind bars, now these computers must be cleaned so that no one will make use of this malware and do more harm.

The solution was that the FBI set up a server which is used to clean this virus and invites anyone with a computer to visit a website and find out with a click of a button whether they are infected. You can scan your computer by clicking here (takes you to the cleaning server).

This server will be active until July 9th 2012 and any infected computer that will not be cleaned by then will lose access to the internet completely.

This story raises the question of unethical marketing methods that gives an advantage to hackers over white hat marketers who use legal methods to promote products and earn a living online. We all seen the "This site may harm your computer" link on some websites that were hacked by these type of unethical marketers as well as pop ups and teasing advertisements on social networks that entice users to click on a link or view a movie that was forbidden to be seen.

Who do you think should be in charge of protecting the users, the websites? or maybe the user is the one in charge of their own security?