7 Deadly Sins of Buying Traffic Part 1

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Seven Deadly Sins

We all know that buying traffic is already a common practice among online marketers and website owners. Many of them already figured out how traffic buying can improve their website, their SEO, their conversion and sales. For a website owner whose buy traffic for a very long time now, it only took you a few times before you get used on this practice. And when you get used to it, problems arises.

That doesn’t mean that you should stop purchasing traffic, but sometimes, these leads to some sins that you normally commit. We listed down these 7 deadly sins and figured out how can marketers like you can be able to fix it.

1. Lust, the desire to get all the website traffic on the internet

You enjoy seeing your analytics with high traffic count. You love the feeling of high-octane conversion. You love how more and more people buys your product because they visited your website. And so, you decided to buy more and more website traffic, only to find out that your website can’t handle it anymore.

And worse, since your website can’t handle it, it broke down.

We know that traffic can be a great booster when it comes to sales, but we should also remember that moderation is still important when consuming it. Consider limiting your traffic flow whenever you buy traffic is a good way to fix this problem.

2. Envy, the desire of stealing attention due to traffic popularity

Does your competitors have all the attention because it has better traffic stats than you? Your first instinct might be getting more and more traffic. But remember, being envy is not a good reason to get more traffic.

So what if you get more traffic than your competitors, how will you maximize it? Purchasing traffic for the sake of having one will not solve your problem. Every traffic viewer that you receive should be maximized. Use proper ads, SEO and the like to ensure that you’ll get something out of your traffic.

3. Gluttony, the act of wasting too much traffic

Do you buy website traffic to your site too much? Some may think that there are no limits in getting traffic. But in reality, you might be wasting a lot of traffic with your idle posts, out-of-date contents and the like.

Before you buy your traffic, make sure that your webpages and sites are up-to-date and maximized. In this way, you can maximize the use of your traffic.
Are you feeling guilty right now because of these sins? Let us leave you hanging for a moment! Tune in for the next part of this article!

What to expect on the next article – Targeted traffic to destroy your competitors? Too lazy to maximize your traffic? All of these on the next part, SOON!

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