7 Deadly Sins of Buying Traffic Part 2

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We already tackled 3 out of the 7 deadly sins in buying traffic on our last article. We already knew that some website owners commit such “sins” because they don’t know how to handle store-bought traffic properly. We may not know it, but we are already committing some of these sins since we started buying targeted traffic to our site.

As of now, we already know that Lust symbolizes our desire to get all the website traffic on the internet, Envy is our feeling towards traffic popularity of our competitors while Gluttony is when we waste traffic by not optimizing it according to our website.

Today, we’ll go further into the sinful world of traffic buying as we go on forward and confess some other sins that we kept on committing!

1. Greed, the desire to have more traffic than one should have

Some website owners have these instances when they want more traffic than what their website can handle. Usually, some website owners would get humongous amounts of traffic to their website without thinking about their site’s limitation. When these happen, their website crashes down. And when it crashes down, you lose the opportunity to gather sales and the like.

What you need to do is to limit yourself with enough traffic that your website can only handle. You can still buy additional traffic from suppliers AFTER you consume your current campaign. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary crashed in the future.

2. Sloth, not doing anything after you buy traffic to your site

So what now if you got traffic? Some of those traffic buyers will just let the traffic do all the work for them, thinking that targeted site traffic can convert well without someone’s help.

If you do really want to get the most out of your purchased traffic, you must optimize them while you receive them. Why not update more contents or even add options to your sites for your newly arrived traffic to enjoy your site more.

3. Pride, the feeling that you don’t need to buy traffic at all

There are other website owners who think that they can get the right traffic for their website without actually buying it. Little do they realize in the end that they might actually need it in the long run for its benefits in terms of SEO and the like.

4. Wrath, the feeling of frustration just after not having any effect right after purchasing traffic

We all know that the effects of traffic purchasing will not take effect ASAP. Frustration will always lead you to bad options and decisions. One, you could quickly cancel your campaign due to impatience (which went not long enough to take effect) or something worse.

Just like what others said, patience is a virtue. And when it comes to traffic buying, patience is the only hope that you could hold on to. Wait until your traffic develop into a key towards success.

So there you have it, traffic enthusiasts! Repent for your traffic sins and avoid committing these embarrassing vices when you buy traffic!

Image: LeadNet