Bitcoin Traffic Madness

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Lately we've been getting more and more requests for bitcoin related traffic and we feel there's a new player in town and it's here to it?

Bitcoin is one of the most controversial currencies in the world emerging from the internet as a digital currency and now suddenly threatening the entire financial system of the world.

Bitcoin is a crypto currency which means that is not actually backed up by any financial institute or have any commodity behind it, it does actually have a value and it's being traded just like other currencies, you can buy it by transferring money to the various bitcoin exchanges like mtgox, bitpay and others and you get an equivalent amount of bitcoins in return to your encrypted wallet.

Another way of obtaining bitcoins is mining - just like gold, you need to dig and dig until you reach the bitcoin. The fact is that mining involves complicated mathematical formulas

Bitcoin is not the only crypto currency around, Litecoin is another popular coin, less than bitcoin though.

One last thing about bitcoin which is probably the most important thing which makes it so popular is the fact it's completely anonymous which makes it a haven for grey and black activity such as gambling ( , and so on...) , pyramid schemes adult related activities and so on.

Bitcoin is very popular in the US but is actually available worldwide, growing in China and in countries with weak economies like Argentina.

More and more merchants accept bitcoin which is actually a risk as it can someday disappear, but the fact that it is growing and becoming available with more and more people as well as its anonymity makes it attractive and this in fact why more and more businesses are getting into accepting bitcoins as a payment method online.

Many websites and forums have emerged to answer the growing demand for information regarding the bitcoin and places that accept it and so does the demand for traffic. In fact, there are 2 main advertising networks that deal with ad space and text ads on bitcoin related sites (even though the traffic doesn't necessarily get from these sites) and getting bitcoin related traffic from other sources is up to the advertisers to come up with.

We get several requests every day for places in which you can get bitcoin related traffic. Due to the greyness of the bitcoin you can't advertise it in any variation on google adwords as well as other PPC networks so you have to count on other sources like bitcoin related forums, bitcoin exchange rate sites and other informative websites regarding the bitcoin.

One more thing that we have seen is that some of the traffic providers have begun accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Until now PayPal has been the dominated payment method

and now more and more providers are accepting bitcoin and even litecoin as a payment method.

What the future will hold? who knows. The only thing for sure is that no currency in the world, even that who depends on gold and originates in banks is safe.