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When Competitors Use Black Hat Strategy

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What if your competitors are doing black hat SEO? Should you also do it as well? STOP! DROP! And follow these steps to deal with this scenario! Continue reading

Traffic, Sales, Bounces – Which is More Important?

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Do you ever wonder which should you really focus on more. Should it be your website traffic? Your sales and conversion, or your leaving visitors? Continue reading

How Hard is it To Revive An Inactive Site for Traffic?

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Many website owners are now rerunning their site and reviving it to earn traffic and sales, but is it really worth doing? Know it all here! Continue reading

The Secret Behind Q & A Site Algorithms

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Will you believe us if we told you that there’s something behind Q & A’s “strict” algorithm? Continue reading

How to Freaking Use Anchor Texts

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Does anybody know how to freaking use anchor texts properly or we just randomly put it on our content? Learn how to use them properly here! Continue reading

Risks of Trying Unreliable Traffic Sources

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Such unreliable sources will always have some undeniable risks that could bring your website to its end. Know the risks of trying these sources here! Continue reading

Happy New Year from BTG!

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happy new year from BTG

We’re expecting a lot from search engines, traffic suppliers, website owners and more! Start fresh with these things to expect this year! Continue reading

Website Traffic 2015 in a Nutshell

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Things that happened on the precedent year can completely affect the traffic trends that will happen on the year that follows it. This is traffic 2015 in a nutshell! Continue reading

SEO Question Time – New Website, Then What?

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SEO Question Time’s last article for this season! This time, we’ll be talking about things that you should do with a new website! Continue reading

SEO Question Time – White Hat Strategies to Quit This 2015

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white hat seo

It’s important for you to know which strategies you should still use and which strategies should you let go as it would hurt your website. Continue reading

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