Buying Traffic

In the competitive world of online marketing and where search engine optimization is the name of the game, buying traffic is not a dirty word.

Obviously website traffic is the main source of income for most webmaster and there’s a lot to be done to make sure that traffic keeps swarming onto your website. It’s not always about the ranking in search engines, there are many factors and many ways to bring traffic other than to SEO your website.

You can find two main versions of Traffic To buy

1. Website traffic - This is mainly web related traffic, known as real human visitors. When Buying website traffic, you expect to get real internet users to visit your site, large amount of people which have never heard about your site and will be interested in anything you have to offer. This is not always the case. The BTG is online to help you learn, whom to buy traffic from and whom not to buy traffic from. In many cases you "buy traffic" and get pings, machines and 0.1 seconds on site visitors

2. Social traffic - Since its new to the traffic buyers, BTG can help you get amazon offers, contact us for more details.  This is the interesting and complicated traffic you can get to your site. The social traffic contains YouTube views, Facebook likes, Twitter Followers and more. There are endless opportunities, all the way in the social sources. Crazy social power is available as well, things like P interest re  pins and Bebo additional places.

You definitely need the traffic to get the revenue and once again there’s the story of the chicken and the egg and which came first.

The internet is full of services in which you can buy traffic: plain traffic, adult traffic, gaming traffic and so on you can buy targeted traffic from several traffic providers. With that in mind, you might have notices there’s a lot of fraud and scam going on and you shouldn't take anything for granted. You might as well invest your money in good SEO instead of buying traffic from fake services.

You can find some of the best services to buy traffic from featured here on the Buy Traffic guide

W’ve mentioned this again and again here on Buy Traffic Guide we support SEO. We believe you can do magic with hard work which takes time but brings better results in the long term. This is why you can find many webmaster tools which we use for our own work and they do the job.

You can build one way links yourself easily, it doesn’t cost much and it is SEO friendly. You can use a tool like spyfu which will do your competitive analysis and find out which of the keywords you should target on your way to the top in Google.

Of course there are other techniques to generate free traffic to your website for example the Google Sniper System and the Mass PPV System and we totally support and recommend these methods which are 100% legit white and they work.

If you do intend to go on buying traffic that’s perfectly fine, make sure you buy a good decent package as you need to test your conversion. Also make sure your traffic will be as targeted as possible. Think of yourself looking for a specific product and ending up in a completely different and unrelated page. No one will buy from you if they did not originally intended to visit your website or relevant website like yours or from the same theme or genre.