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Buying traffic can bring you good results faster than going through the effort of search engine optimization, but is it good for your seo efforts? read on and find out.

Panda is not just a near extinction animal, it's also a series of Google updates done in the past year and if you are doing SEO, Google is one of those search engines you should pay close attention to. Panda changed the rules of the game trying to clean some of the spam in the organic search results, punishing some websites for unethical behavior or just not providing the best answer for visitors who are seeking for information.

In one of these updates, Google started to pay more attention to bounce rate. The bounce rate measures visitors that enters your website and leave after visiting a single page - or in other words, visitors that didn't necessarily find the solution to what they were looking for on your website. A high bounce rate means that your website doesn't provide the best solution for its content.

This means that you as a webmaster should aim to have your bounce rate as low as possible. And there are many ways to do so such as, videos, call to action, gifts, interacting with the visitor and giving the visitor an added value, but that's not what i am going to talk about.

Buying traffic is basically putting aside the SEO efforts and going for the easy way of having a constant flow of visitors from targeted or untargeted sources (up to the webmaster to choose).

If you are using Google analytics to monitor your website's performance, and most likely that you do, Google will know how much traffic goes into your site, where it is coming from, and what does it do on your site and the bottom line is that it knows your bounce rate. Then, the calculation is being made of source of traffic vs. bounce rate. This will eventually lead to lower or higher ranking.

Just to clarify, if your website fully dependent on buying traffic, it won't mean that you will rank high if you have a low bounce rate. Bounce rate is just another ranking factor, but an important one.

The bottom line is that you must pay attention to your site's performance and find out why visitors are leaving your website - analyze each keyword and find out ways in which you can get the visitor to stay longer and browse more pages on your website. Be creative.

If you plan to buy traffic, make sure to do it from trusted sources and most importantly targeted ones. The temptation of cheap mass of traffic will only lead to visitors abandoning your website not finding what they were looking for.

The same goes for buying traffic from Google (adwords) which can be the best way to test whether your website is performing well to targeted keywords on your website.