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There are many services to offer website traffic to the millions of webmasters, bloggers and websites owners out there. Among all services, and traffic services, the most important thing to look for is the review. On Buy Traffic Guide we host customers reviews, written objectively by users, for the best of the whole community. The bottom line is that if one traffic service is not replying to emails, not refunding upon request, do not deliver the geo targeted traffic he promised and so on, other customers need to know about it before buying traffic from this service.

Here are some buy traffic reviews we have got from our customers, if you have an additional review to add, feel free to contact us anytime. Please note, these are not Buy Traffic Guide reviews, these are customers reviews, just like customers testimonials, you should consider these reviews together with he BTG certification, webmasters forums and other sources. In any case, the traffic services are aware to these reviews and doing their best to answer any need from Buy Traffic Guide customers.

TrafficShop Review - Trafficshop provided pop-under, adult traffic, together with mobile and Geo targeted traffic to its customers. The common traffic shop review is about its customer services, which are hard to talk to. The interface of the admin panel is easy to use and really helpful. Another trafficshop review is talking about the best value for money. So, the best way to learn if scam is the way to handle the service, or legit - better to buy some traffic and learn. Read more about traffic shop on their page on BTG.

GrowStats Review - Most of the Buy Traffic Guide customers have tried these service and they are all talking about one thing - customer service. Since the service was bought on Flippa, seems like no one to talk to. For some customers, growstats scam is the best way to talk about growstats, but we know that the traffic they have is interested and valuable. Growstats reviews can be found on many forums, important to read before buying.

Revisitors Review - Revisitors is a well known brand and lots of customers are buying more than 5 times each year. The revisitors review is mainly about the service itself, when the traffic is not always Geo targeted and not always easy to monitor. The addition to this re visitors reviews is the fact that there is always refund or compensation for the customer.

EliteWebsiteRraffic Review - Customers are talking about elitewebsitetraffic, as the most interesting service you can find. There are lots of customers buying traffic with elitewebsitetraffic, but not more than once only because the traffic can not be targeted. Additional elitewebsitetraffic review is talking about advanced support and easy to buy system. We have got no elite website traffic scam reviews and in the forums, the comments a re positive.

Full Traffic Review - All reviews about Full Traffic are from last year (2011), for some reason we have not got any new ones. These Full Traffic reviews are talking about good traffic, strong machine and easy interface. The Full Traffic scam reviews mentioned customers bad experience, trying to monitor the traffic, to get real leads out of it and to get answers from Full Traffic regarding. In the forums, you can find positive and negative Full Traffic review notes, its important to know them all.

Real Traffic Source Review - You can divide the review about Real Traffic Source to two main groups: very happy customers , and very unhappy customers. realtrafficsource reviews are mainly about the traffic itself, some are talking about not targeted, not easy to monitor and un known sources of traffic. The happy customers of Real Traffic Source, Reviewing about the same issue, but talking about high targeted and high valuable traffic.

More Buying Traffic Services Reviews To Come.....

Among these buy traffic reviews you can find BTG certified services and BTG non certified programs. These are customers reviews about buy traffic services, not the Buy Traffic Guide reviews. If, you have any comment or something to add to any of these reviews, you can do it on the traffic service page ( on the comments tab ) or email us anything you like to say. For additional buy traffic reviews, please check the traffic services section. Remember that even if you see forums and websites talking about traffic shop scam services, or even visitors shops marked as scam, you will have to learn to check for yourself.