Cheap Traffic

Cheap traffic is the dream of every webmaster or internet marketer. It all comes down to the conversion and cost per action and so that cheap traffic has to also be targeted and relevant to the product.

With all that in mind we need to ask ourselves if we’re not asking for too much, I mean, the traffic needs to be cheap, targeted and converting – if it was that simple we would all be rich. For the webmaster who are looking to buy cheap traffic, the most important thing is top make sure this is real traffic.

You can take all possible sources of traffic and divide them into cheap and expensive traffic. Any source of traffic can also be cheap, depend on the various factor it requires in order to be considered relevant targeted traffic.

Let’s begin, shall we:

Pay Per Click Traffic – The cost of this type of traffic depends on the competition. The higher the competition the higher the cost for a single click. Even though it’s the most targeted traffic type there is, it might be very expensive to buy it.

Pop up and Pop under traffic – One of the cheapest type of traffic sources. It’s not the best one since it’s not always targeted and most visitors even find it offensive in a way.

Direct Domain Traffic – Excellent in terms of relevancy and highly targeted source of traffic, not very expensive as well. There are many services providing these services. You still need to pay for the traffic you get so it’s a sort of Pay Per Click (PPC) only cheaper.

Free Traffic – the best type of traffic. It can be SEO traffic (search engine optimization) meaning you are ranked high in relevant search terms (keywords) and you get traffic from Google or Bing. It can also be social network traffic or mailing list traffic which is not necessarily free (you pay per send) but it’s your mailing list and so it’s sort of free.

Free traffic can also come from WOM (word of mouth) which is the best. If you website is a brand and people heard or know about you might get direct hits to your website.

Media Buy Traffic – Buying media is easy – all you need is to find the best source of traffic and simply purchase an ad spot on that website. It’s usually expensive but you get full exposure of potential customers.

When attempting to find cheap traffic you must be careful not to fall for fake traffic traps. Most of the times it’s too good to be true, don’t expect to get the world for a few cents. Sometimes it’s good to invest a few dollars in order to get the real thing. When you are looking to buy cheap traffic, make sure the traffic service you buy the traffic from is certified. The worse case scenario when buying cheap traffic to the website is to pay less and get nothing. Better to pay some and get some.

You must remember that it’s not all about the traffic, your website or landing page has to look good and be converting in order to increase sales. This is why sometimes it’s good to make a test and buy traffic expensively in order to fix your mistakes and optimize your landing page to increase sales.

The best solution for the long term is to SEO your website and increase your ranking in search engines.