Growstats – Scam or Legit?

Growstats and The Buy Traffic Guide share a long history way back when it was still listed on the old Buy Traffic Guide however some things changed and now Growstats is not certified furthermore we've been getting several requests from webmasters who have heard about Growstats and would like to know whether it's a scam or legit. Below you will find all the considerations on why you should proceed with Growstats and why you shouldn't. Growstats Logo Growstats changed ownership last year following a successful sale on Flippa (website and domain marketplace), and following that sale Growstats was still listed on the Buy Traffic Guide, however the new owner was unreachable. Not returning mails, not answering support tickets on their website - nothing. definitely improved since its sale in terms of design, new features a nice movie urging you to buy traffic as it's real and targeted, but something in the loop is missing. Growstats offers a variety of services including targeted visitors, search engine submission and search engine ranking. They offer from 1000 visitors to 250,000 visitors. We feel that every traffic service should be given a chance to prove that it's real and before announcing growstats scam or fraud we need to do some testing of our own, however the fact that we are not getting any response to our contact attempts making it harder for us to try it out. Perhaps there's a glitch in the support system but something is not the way it is used to be. A scam service usually ignores any contact attempts and refuse to refund, there are scam targeted traffic service that do agree for a refund to prevent being closed by the financial services (PayPal, 2checkout) due to high rates of refunds (disputes). In anyway it's still indefinite to determine Growstats is a scam just as it's legit, this is why we decided to wait and leave it up to you - Did you use Growstats and got burned? Did you use it and found it to be a legit service? tell us all about it.