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Merry Christmas from BTG!

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merry Christmas from BTG

Get more out of your website! Learn the pros of traffic purchasing and know how you can maximize your traffic this Christmas with Buy Traffic Guide! Continue reading

SEO Question Time – How to Maximize Traffic on Christmas Eve?

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mouse pointer on top of tree

You can still say that there are a few website visitors out there who are still capable of producing sales even this day before Christmas. Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Are Traffic Exchange Sites Great?

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prohibit traffic exchange

Some of our readers are turning to other traffic “answers” which they believe can be useful on their traffic, one of them are Traffic Exchange Sites. Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Social Media Sites for 2016

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2016 social media icons

One of BTG’s readers already thought of this one, so that reader decided to ask us about the future of social media sites ! Continue reading

SEO Question Time – No Organic Traffic?!

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empty jar

What if you’re doing your best with site optimization and then, you end up with 0 organic visitors. Should you be alarmed with your site? Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Misspelled Brand Names

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misspelled brand names

Most brand owners are going forward with “smart” branding by doing using keywords that are intentionally misspelled, but is it SEO friendly? Continue reading

SEO Question Time – What is SEO in 2016?

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seo for 2016

Everyone’s pretty excited with the SEO’s transition in 2016, but are there something important that we should definitely know before 2016 arrives? Continue reading

SEO Question Time – SEO Keyword Strategy for 2016

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man and woman with words keywords in 2016 at the middle

Keywords are continuously evolving with SEO. And this time, everyone’s pretty sure that 2016 will be another changing year for them. Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Is Reddit Good for Traffic Part 2

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reddit traffic part 2

Now, we’re bringing back Reddit as the topic for our article for today! So for the last time: Is Reddit good for traffic? Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Is SEO Dead Again?

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SEO Undead

Are you already tired of hearing those hoaxes and rumors that SEO is already dead AGAIN? Let’s find out if this is really true ONCE AND FOR ALL! Continue reading

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