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SEO Question Time – What is Web 2.0?

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Web 2.0. You may already heard this term a million times already, but you’re still clueless about its true role in SEO. Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Amplifying My Organic Traffic

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1 small orange and 1 big orange

Are you the kind of website that receive good amounts of organic traffic? Do you know how to amplify it? Let’s discover how you can maximize that traffic here! Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Scary Google 2016 Updates

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scary panda, hummingbird and penguin

Will Google’s algorithm updates be as “ground breaking” as those updates that were pushed this year? Let’s find out now in SEO Question Time! Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Non-Existing Website In Queries?

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surprised detective with words Non Existing Site

You got your website indexed by Google… You tried searching it through organic search when suddenly, you can’t find it! What should you do? Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Bought Backlinks, Is it Good or Bad?

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man thinking about good and bad links

For today’s SEO Question Time, we’ll be discussing about cheap backlinks. Have you bought one of your site? Is it a good idea or a bad idea to buy something like this for SEO? Continue reading

SEO Question Time – Is Reddit Good For Traffic?

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Yes, we are officially bringing back SEO Question Time! Let’s kick this off with a query about reddit and it’s ability to attract traffic and affect SEO! Continue reading

The Most Basic Traffic Tricks You Must Learn

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Who said that basic strategies don’t work on getting traffic? Learn the “real” and surefire way to get traffic by learning the basics again! Continue reading

E-Books – Does it Really Bring Traffic?

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e-book attracting traffic

Still questioning the power of e-books in traffic? With that, we decided to break the argument whether e-books can or cannot bring traffic! Continue reading

Google Just Rolled an Algo Targeting Hacked Websites

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two hackers

Google yet again released another algorithm update this week, so are you prepared to face this nerve-racking update? Continue reading

5 Unusual Ways to Get Traffic

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man with mask

For sure, you’ll be surprised with BuyTrafficGuide’s unusual ways to get more traffic to your site! Read here to know more! Continue reading

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