Does your Website Traffic love Shorter or Longer contents?

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Creating your website content isn't a walk in the park. You have to consider both sides of your readers and those hard-to-please Google crawlers. You can’t create contents that only please crawlers because most probably, this won’t please your human readers. You also can’t create contents that only please human readers because it would most probably rank on the farthest pages in search engines. This is why you must generate contents that are balanced for both your search engine’s crawlers and your website traffic.

One of the arguments that cover up website contents is the length. The never ending debate between shorter and longer contents rules the internet as different website gurus argue about it. Some say that longer contents are best for websites for crawlers love sites that have lengthy contents. Some say that shorter contents work best because of its ability to relay message faster compared to your longer contents. So which will you use to increase website traffic? Will you use shorter but sweeter contents? Or will you rely on longer but more meaningful contents?

To cut the never ending “chicken or egg” argument, we will give you a free webmaster guide on choosing your content’s length!

Does your Website Traffic love Shorter or Longer contents?

To know the answer from this question, we will analyze both sides of the party.

  1. Shorter Contents – Website owners choose to use shorter contents in order to meet their customer’s short attention rate. Short contents are said to be “digested” easily by viewers, making it easier to analyze. Some viewers also prefer short contents because it offer immediate answers compared to longer contents.
  1. Longer contents – Some website gurus said that longer contents are credited more by search engine crawlers. Longer contents are thought to generate better rankings when it comes to SEO. There are also some cases where longer contents are read more by users compared to those shortened contents.

So which is loved more by your viewers? Is it the shorter one or the longer one? Let us analyze further.

Attention Grabbing?

  • Shorter contents deliver its message faster, fitting in viewer’s short attention span
  • Longer contents may bore viewers because of its lengthiness

The “substance” of the content?

  • Shorter contents may lack details due to its brevity.
  • Longer contents may contain enough information needed by its readers.

SEO Friendly?

  • Both short and long contents are loved by search engine crawlers.
  • Content wise, longer contents are loved by crawlers.
  • Viewer satisfactory wise, crawlers consider viewers’ contentedness when it comes to short contents.

The verdict?

It will still all depend on your website and strategy. If you think your website could benefit more on contents with brevity, then shorter contents can perfectly fit on your spot.

If you rather choose fruitful contents with complexity, then longer contents are right for you.

So website marketers? Which do you think really stands among the rest? Does your Website Traffic love Shorter or Longer contents? It is only you who can decide it!