Google Apps Email Hosting Alternative

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Google Apps Email Hosting Alternative

In case you are maintaining a few domain names and you were effected by Google's recent change to its free Google apps policy, we have gathered together 2 excellent alternatives for domain email hosting which can also be used with outlook as well as webmail access. Each of these alternatives also has its advantages and disadvantages but the bottom line they are free unlike now Google Apps.

Zoho Mail - Zoho offers a bundle of web service applications for companies but the bottom line here is that you can connect your domain name and use their email hosting service with up to 3 email addresses for free. Storage limit is 5GB (Gmail's free storage limit was 10 GB). Setup is quick and support is excellent. You can find out more about Zoho Mail here.

Outlook - Outlook is the new generation of hotmail with newly added features, simplicity and again, the ability to use your domain with its email hosting service. The biggest advantage is the fact you can use up to 500 email addresses (up to 50 in the old free Google apps version). Disadvantages include no imap support and the lack of decent information and support in general.

There are other less familiar alternatives but you should be careful who you choose to host your important emails. If you still don't trust the others you can do it yourself with your own exchange server or other internal based solutions, or you can pay a small fee for using Google Apps services.