Google Just Rolled an Algo Targeting Hacked Websites

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Don’t worry, guys! Google’s current update is really with us!

As website owners, we are all aware that Google’s updates in algorithm will always make or break our website’s ability to rank. From various updates like Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, and other animals that Google could correlate with algorithms, we can truly say that these could affect us dearly. However, this week’s algorithm isn’t really about destroying our hopes and dream because Google rolled an algorithm targeting hacked spam websites.

According to Google, their newest algorithm update will tackle websites that are injected with malicious contents from hackers. They added that with this update, 5% of queries will be affected by the said update. Although it’s small in number, expect a big change in terms of organic results. Now that’s something every person handling SEO should really know.

But what is Hacked Spam?

Hacked spam happens when hackers inject legitimate websites with malicious and spammy contents and links from their own websites. When this happens, the hacker’s website will rank.

This kind of attack is very common nowadays since a lot of websites are pretty vulnerable. Common victims of this attacks are school websites, government websites, and other home bases sites that are not really protected by tough guards.

For now, Google hopes that the algorithm they rolled targeted hacked spam websites will make unguarded websites secured, ensuring that all website traffic will never be again tricked by these hackers.

So should I really be worried, too?

In general, this shouldn’t worry anyone at all. If there’s someone who should worry for this algorithm, then it should be the hackers who are doing these attacks.

Believe it or not, every website owner should be thankful for this algorithm update because it will secure websites even more. This is to avoid these attacks to happen in the future. This is just another step of Google to provide users with great search results.

As of now, we are still waiting for major algorithm updates from Google (like another Panda or Hummingbird), but Google has said nothing about the next hit.

For now, we should be thankful that Google has made its steps in improving their services. Another great way to impress your targeted traffic, right?

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