Google Webmaster Academy

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Google Webmaster Academy

While webmasters are discussing the relevancy of Search Engine Optimization and whether it has a future in these era of social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) along with Google's recent addition to its search, the knowledge graph, Google decided now is the best time to launch a webmaster school, or better yet, The Google Webmaster Academy.

So, what is the Google Webmaster Academy and why should you have a look at it?

The idea behind the Google Webmaster Academy was to have all the relevant information for a webmaster or business owner in one place.

The first section (or if you like, semester) at the Academy includes information about Google, ranking factors, how a website appears on Google's search engine and steps needed to be taken to rank higher - This section is called "Google and You" and it contains 6 lessons as well as additional resources. There you can learn more about quality content for your site, typical mistakes you should avoid, the use of videos and Google's social network - Google +.

Each lessons contains textual information as well as videos and reference information.

The second section is all about Google's webmaster tools, in case you are not using it yet, you definitely should. This is your only channel of communication with Google and specifically Google search. At this section you can learn about the vitals of Google webmaster tools, how to use it and why you should use it.

The final section refers to business owners and how they can use Google to get their business online. This section includes information for business owners who do not yet have a website, for those who do have a website and can benefit from using Google's services like Google Places, Google +, Google Products and more.

Why you should use it? 

Simply because it contains valuable information that can help your online presence on the Google Search Engine. Whether you are an SEO expert or a newbie, going over what Google offers webmasters can only do good for you.

Why Google offers it?

Simply because it's good for business. Google makes a living from its search engine and specifically the ads displayed on it. The more webmasters and business owners using Google, the more content and more new advertisers using Googe Adwords, the more money Google will make.

The bottom line is that The Google Webmaster Academy is a win win situation for both webmasters and Google. The knowledge is well arranged and available for anyone who is interested in learning.

Do you think the Google's webmaster academy is any good? Will you use it? let us know!