How Hard is it To Revive An Inactive Site for Traffic?

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SEO Question Time may now be already over, but we would still like to point out another question that was left unanswered. Since we found this very interesting, we thought that this question should be featured in 2016 as this could be relatable to various site owners who are returning to this field after some time. Yep, some site owners are now doing their best in reviving their websites (and in attracting website traffic to their old sites.)

We do all know that website handling is not easy as it would require you lots of resources in maintaining it. This is one of the reasons most site owners suddenly give up on this kind of market. However, since online business bloomed greatly last year, some businessmen have decided to get back on this field of marketing.

But is it worth doing?



I’m not really an active SEO user since I quitted online marketing for some time. You can say that I quitted because I thought it was complicated and high risk. However, I saw that online marketing is high return as well (since most of my friends are now earning much after investing on some websites.)

I do have my own old website which I think could work well with today’s trends. Just wondering if reviving an inactive site would be worth it? Will it take time or would it be just like ranking an ordinary site?

Thank you and I hope this would reach you.


In this scenario, we need to consider 2 factors when ranking an inactive site.

  1. Keywords – Ranking is quite ‘easy’ if you know the right strategies to use, but one should also consider keyword competition when forecasting an inactive site’s ability gain ranks on SERPs. If your keyword niche is competed aggressively by tons of well-optimized sites, then the chances of ranking those inactive sites are small.
  2. Your website’s authority – Another point that should be considered is your site’s authority. Was it already running flawlessly before it became inactive? If it was already leading on SERPs before, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Usually, Google provides good ranks on sites that already topped SERPs (even though it was inactive for a period of time.)


So if you’re keywords are not that highly demanded in the market and your site was already leading the niche trend, then we could say that reviving your inactive site will be a breeze. And yes, it could easily increase traffic without any problems!