How Many Traffic Services Are There?

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Traffic Service Research

A latest research we here, at the Buy Traffic Guide, conducted about the quantity of traffic service providers reveals some interesting numbers about the actual number of traffic generators and service providers.

As we aim to list all the existing traffic service providers on the Buy Traffic Guide, we decided to track down and find all traffic sellers and get the bottom line of the question in hand - How many Traffic Services are there anyway?

The research was conducted by using a search spider using the 3 major search engines. The retrieved data was then processed and analyzed. An interesting fact is that there are traffic services which are owned and operated by the same identity, but look completely different in a way it's almost impossible to tell it's the same ownership.

Among the information gathered was the ownership details of the domain, public presence of the website (including related personnel that appear in posts, social media, profiles and so on), contact details on site, payment methods identity (most common payment method is paypal btw) and hosting details including server details, IP address and relevant websites on the same IP address and or server.

The Findings:

  • There are currently 583 active * traffic services.
  • 10% of these services are owned and operated by the same identity (there is a possibility that this percentage is higher as discovering the relationship of the services is difficult and can be hidden and differentiated completely).
  • Most services are based in the United States.

*Active traffic services is a definition of an active website that is available and customers can make a purchase through it.

These findings were not shocking, while selling traffic can be a profitable business, fraudulent services are getting shut down by payment processors due to excessive complaints. This is the only reason these numbers did not get to 583,000 .

These numbers are not definite, new traffic services are joining the market every day. The data above reflects the month of May 2012.

We are constantly monitoring services listed on the Buy Traffic Guide. We are also receiving a lot of requests to test services and find out whether they are legit and providing real targeted traffic.

We appreciate any comment, question or complaint about traffic service providers here on the Buy real Traffic Guide.