How to Freaking Use Anchor Texts

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man struggling with anchor

Attaching anchor texts on your contents is like defusing a time bomb. You do want to make it as perfect as you can, but you just aren’t really sure how to do it. Some site owners say that it is okay to put tons of anchor texts on your article as long as it doesn’t fill up your whole content. Some say that the “most natural” way to put anchor texts (and maybe attract more website traffic with it) is by spreading it from each article. But wait, does anybody really know how to freaking use anchor texts properly or we just randomly put it on our content?

Anchor texts are important not only because it carries your links (which is one of the most important value in SEO) but because they give a readers an idea what to expect on the link they will be directed to. As visitors, you don’t really want to be directed to a page that you really don’t need (or in this case, you don’t know or you don’t really care at all.) This is why you need to figure out how to properly use anchor texts on your page’s contents.

But seriously though, does anyone know how to use anchor texts properly?

You may get a little bit confused by this one, so we came up with simple points so that you can play along with anchor texts without looking spammy or looking like a link monster.

  • Don’t mind your anchor text ratio – There’s no such thing as too many or too less. As long as it looks natural, there’s no need to limit. Let the links build itself and make sure that your reader can still understand what you are telling them on your page.
  • Don’t use sentence long anchor texts – Nobody doesn’t want to see a whole sentence emphasized by a super long underline because it was a link. If you can simply explain it, then don’t post it as a sentence and use that group of words as your anchor texts. Don’t waste your space with a very long link!
  • Don’t repeat your links – One is always enough when it comes to a specific page. Don’t ever repeat a link or use one same word on 2 different links. This will only confuse your targeted traffic!

Anchor texts can be quite bothersome for some. But in reality, you really don’t have to stress too much about it. Again, just let your content flow naturally. Use links sparingly but be sure to cover pretty much everything related to your content! This is the only way you can use anchor texts properly!