Increase Traffic to your website 101

Looking to increase your traffic? We all want more of the same, but how do we actually pull that off? Keep reading and you will find out.

I have several websites in different categories. Each website is an independent business that sells a product or service, whether if it’s something sold through an affiliate program or something I provide directly. When I want more business I do a quick analysis on what I have at the moment and then take action in order to increase my business. Here are the steps I take to analyze my business and what I do afterwards:

  1.  Traffic Sources – the segmentation of your traffic sources is very important. You need to know the main sources of traffic to your website whether it’s organic search engine traffic, paid traffic, referring sites, mobile traffic, direct traffic and so on.
  2. Analyzing the goals – Getting the traffic to your website is easy – now you need to know which source of traffic performs best – for that you need to set goals – setting goals will give you the full picture on the bottom line – for example: a visitor that came from a search engine and made a purchase compared to a visitor that came from a social network and didn’t make a purchase.
  3. Further market segmentations – Geographic location, language are very important.

Now that we have all the data, we know where we want to improve our results. For example: We know that visitors from India that come from a specific search phrase keyword buy more than visitors from Germany. Now all we need to increase traffic is rank higher for the search phrase in India. We can either SEO for the keyword or bid for those keywords.

Analyzing your current results will prevent a waste of time and enable you to focus your marketing efforts better to show better results in a shorter period of time. Furthermore once you know the best performing sources of traffic you can make some tests on related channels with the same nature of traffic. For example: the same Indian visitors that come from a specific keyword may also be spending their time online in specific facebook pages or groups. This will motivate you to either open a facebook group or offer an added value so they will join you and bring their friends or advertise on facebook and display your ads to these already existing groups or pages.

This analysis to increase traffic is something that is done constantly along the way. Every website and every niche has its own best performing traffic channels, so most likely that if you have a few online businesses like me you will soon find out that there is no identical optimization for different niches.

I believe that the hardest thing is getting the first visitor to visit your website, once you get it, it’s easier to get more and increase your traffic – optimizing to get more traffic is more difficult than optimizing to get any traffic and that is the essence of the way to increase traffic to your website.