Internet Traffic

Internet traffic can be defined as the flow of data on the internet, and if we pin point to what that data is we will be looking at visitors from all around the world seeking for information online.

As a webmaster or online business owner you should be aware of the diversity of internet traffic, visitors with different needs seeking for different type of content, speaking different languages and so on. Since there are so many segments of traffic you should make sure you are targeting the segments you need in order to get the best ROI (Return on investment). For example: if your business if selling jewelry (regardless if you are selling it as an affiliate or your own made jewelry), you can automatically disqualify kids as potential buyers and you will probably not advertise on kids oriented websites. You will however want to catch the websites where the parents are hanging out, perhaps baby oriented websites where the parents have to monitor the computer and be exposed to your advertisements.

The internet is packed full with information. Most of it is pure junk. In order to stick out and catch some of the internet traffic you should be bold, just like a billboard on a highway calling the drivers to take action.

You can get internet traffic from many sources:

  • Search Engines
  • Social Networks
  • Email Marketing
  • Offline campaigns (remember that billboard on the highway?)
  • Printed media
  • Websites/Blogs and so on.

You can pay for traffic and you can also get it for free, it’s up to you. The bottom line is that it’s all about the targeting, if you target your traffic you will get the best results. Untargeted internet traffic will show results, but these results will be poor in comparison to targeted traffic. If we take that billboard on the highway once again, if that billboard will be located just before a gas station asking drivers to come and fill up their tank with a special offer, it will show better results than that same billboard advertising a brand new car model (the viewers of this advertisements are already driving a car, don’t they?).

Internet traffic is becoming more and more distinct lately as advertisers want to get as much information as possible on their prospective clients, this makes us more exposed in lack of online privacy and enables the advertisers to better target their campaigns and get good results. Have you ever wondered why websites you visit show advertisements of products you once were interested in? This comes after years of anonymity in which advertisements were shown to everybody regardless of their interests.

As the internet grows bigger it’s getting more and more competitive and harder to catch the good traffic, it will cost you more and require you more preparations in order to get good results.

The biggest advantage for internet marketers is that the traffic is swirling around several websites on which you can advertise and get a taste of the traffic, as targeted as possible. This makes it easier to buy the internet traffic you need for your business.

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