Internet Traffic Counter

The internet is naturally filled with countless of websites and more are being created each day. Although there are a wide selection of websites that offer online users and visitors with the right information and data that they need, there are an equal number of websites that have a bunch of useless information and would be pointless to visit. Unfortunately, a large amount of pointless website has seemingly gained an increase in internet traffic in the World Wide Web, causing internet users some annoyance and inconvenience.

Businesses who make use of the internet and the services of the internet traffic companies desire to create websites for their products, services and informative articles that will potentially generate potential customers and eventually leading to profitable results for the company. For this reason, these companies need a form of gauge as to measure their site’s online traffic such as an internet traffic counter.

How To Measure Internet Traffic

How is it possible for some websites to gain seemingly increasing online traffic for their sites? In addition to this, what form of Internet Traffic Counter do they use in order to constantly keep tabs on the online traffic of their sites? Essentially, Buying online traffic
is measured by the popularity and ranking of the site in various top search engines such as Yahoo and Google. The Internet Traffic Counter is a form of online complementary software that is able to make specific calculations and makes use of certain markers such as hits to determine a website’s targeted traffic flow. When we say hit, this signifies the manner in which a visitor actually enters the site. This hit will be counted as part of the online. The more hits the website obtains, the larger the traffic is considered by the Internet Traffic Counter. But what are considered hits? Hits could be in a form of pages, images and links. For example, a website has 10 pages and each page contains 2 images and two links. This means that for every page visited, it amounts to five hits. As this is accumulated by the internet traffic counter, this would signify the increase of the site’s traffic.

Basics Terms When Measuring Online Traffic

There are some terms that are important to understand and take note of when measuring online traffic:
• Duration Average of The Visit. This signifies the visitor’s length of stay at the website. The longer the online visitor’s stay inside the site, the more likely they are to become regular customers or readers.
• Page View Average of Visitor. This represent’s the visitor’s number of pages visited while inside the website. The more pages that are opened by a visitor the more chances that they are benefiting from the site.
• Page Duration Average. This pertains to the length of time a visitor stays in a page of the website.

When measuring online traffic, the internet traffic counter does not make use of a single factor to count its traffic. It takes a variety of classes and factors to come up with an overall average which determines the traffic rate of the website.