Merry Christmas from BTG!

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merry Christmas from BTG


We had an amazing year this 2015, and it was all thanks to your support!

Yes, 2015 was definitely one of the most unforgettable years because we already gained more readers and followers on our social media sites. We also expanded our team by inviting more traffic gurus and specialists on our team. These people include the SEO Question Time team and the Noob’s Guide Team! Without these people, we wouldn’t be able to provide useful articles and helpful contents that could be used by any website owner! And believe it or not, they all read your messages so don’t think that they don’t spend too much time shifting through those warm messages that you already sent to us.

We would also like to thank the traffic suppliers that already received our Seal of Approval in continuously providing real quality services on their clients. We want nothing but to see traffic buyers enjoying real benefits in buying traffic from real trusted website traffic suppliers. So for those who wants to receive our SoA, just message us away and we’ll give you the steps in earning your Seal of Approval.

For this, we would like to update you of our upcoming changes for the year 2016. So yes, expect these things to happen next year!

  1. Better quality contents containing tips, tricks, hacks, and more – Did you enjoyed SEO Question Time and Noob Guide? Expect more of them next year as we bring you more contents that are worth saving and bookmarking! So starting right now, start getting your pens and papers as we give you more tips and tricks that you could use in attracting more traffic!
  2. Stricter policies for our Seal of Approval – We’ll shortly update our guidelines regarding our Seal of Approval. We’ll make sure that all traffic suppliers who will receive this authorization were guaranteed to be the best of the best when it comes to quality services.
  3. More aggressive social media posting and sharing – We heard you loud and clear! We’ll try our best to cover up more social media sites like Twitter and Instagram! For now, we’re currently working on it and we’re doing some dry runs.
  4. More surprises coming on 2016 – We don’t really want to spoil that much, so you better stick around if you want to learn more about these changes!

For now, you can still buy traffic our current featured traffic suppliers! We assure you that these traffic partners can provide you real traffic that you can trust!

So readers and traffic buyers, listen up!

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