Mobile Traffic

In case you’ve been sleeping in the past couple of years, you probably haven’t heard that mobile is the new PC and that mobile internet usage will eventually overcome PC and laptop internet usage.

Webmasters know that in order to be able to serve mobile traffic they need to adjust their website or blog and make it compatible for mobile browsing otherwise it’s most likely that the bounce rate of a mobile visitor will be higher than a PC or laptop visitor.

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If you are looking for mobile traffic there are several ways to get it. You should know that mobile visitors are just like regular users just that they browse differently, this is why the old fashioned way of using Google adwords for example (PPC advertising) is still a good way to go for targeted traffic. If you are looking to advertise in mobile platform you should look for admob which is Google’s advertising platform for mobile devices.

You should know that there are other ways, some cheaper than Google to get traffic. Some traffic selling services may offer mobile traffic targeting in this case your advertisement will appear on sites offering mobile content such as games, applications and information.

You can also find your way into advertising inside the applications or games to find the mobile visitors you are looking for.

Facebook is one of the most used mobile application, however, for now you can’t actually advertise in Facebook. Once it opens it gates for mobile advertisements this could be the perfect cost effective solution.

Once you plan your Google mobile traffic campaign you should plan that the visitors will land on a relevant landing page which is compatible for mobile devices, otherwise your campaign will not be effective. Furthermore you should plan your campaign so that your visitors will be required to do as little as possible in terms of entering details as you must remember that the mobile device is still not the most user friendly device for internet usage.

Mobile traffic is the future, it will over come the traditional traffic in a few years and you should prepare yourself for this change, don’t get left behind just because you are used to your laptop or pc.

Soon you will find here more mobile traffic providers ( together with adult mobile traffic )  so you will be able to find the traffic you are looking for and specifically mobile targeted traffic. Remember to check the mobile traffic statistics after the purchase, to make sure you have bought the right traffic