Increasing Adult Mobile Traffic

More and more people are using their smartphones or cellphones to check their emails, browse the web, send Twitter messages, update their Facebook profile, watch online videos, etc on the go. The adoption rate of mobile web is estimated to be 8 times faster than the Internet when it first appeared in the 1990s.

There are approximately 3 billion mobile users worldwide – imagine getting even just 10% of the traffic to your site. A study by Juniper Research shows that revenue from adult mobile traffic will reach $4.9 billion by 2013. If you are looking for ways on how to get a slice of the pie, you should know that there are many ways to get it. You should also understand that getting substantial adult mobile traffic to your site can be tougher. That’s because not all mobile users are aged 18 or older or are into adult content.

There are actually two ways you can go about to increasing traffic to your adult site. You can SEO your way to it, or you can buy it. Combining both methods can guarantee even better results.

SEO is the hard way to get adult mobile traffic, but it is free and gives you long-term benefits. Here are some SEO and other promotional tips and techniques on how to get adult mobile traffic to your site:

1. Know your target audience. This means looking at key statistics that define your target audience, such as the mobile device they use, the pages or videos they frequent, the content that immediately gets call to action, etc. The answers to these questions will give you an idea with regards to planning of your mobile site and building of your mobile marketing campaign. There are plenty of tools you can use to analyze more mobile traffic statistics.

2. Use the carrot-and-stick strategy. Lure mobile users into opting in with rewards and promotions.

3. Direct them where to go. Browsing a standard Internet site on a mobile phone is no fun. They are slow to load, and may not even work on a mobile phone, and this can frustrate a potential customer. Hence, you need to make sure all desktop traffic coming from mobile devices are redirected to your mobile site.

4. Name it and spread it. Mobile sites are slow to appear on mobile search. Why wait? – give out your mobile URL in your marketing campaigns along with your standard web URL instead.

5. Make your mobile name easy to remember. Make it simple yet catchy. Think short URLs. Typing in long mobile URLs is quite a labor.

6. Create a sitemap. Just as with desktop sites, a mobile sitemap can improve your mobile SEO ranking.

There are hundreds of other creative ways you can use to increase your adult mobile traffic. Other mobile marketers jumpstart their way to mobile success by buying adult mobile traffic. This allows them to get crucial target visitors to their site in a quick and cheap manner.

Additional services to provide Adult Mobile Traffic

  • - On chokertraffic, each application owner of mobile site manager can buy targeted mobile traffic by niche and by country. There are some comments about chokertraffic scam reviews and information about low traffic quality, but we have never tested them before. Looks like most of the mobile traffic is filtered and seen by mobile clients only.
  • - Clicked Mobile traffic offered as adult service to adult related sites and applications. For new gtsmobi users and advertisers, the service might be the best one to start with, although some of the gtsmobi scam posts o nthe forums and gtsmobi reviews are talking about pings and bots traffic. There is a nice guy called Mark on the site, talk to him about adult mobile needs and he will help you.
  • - Mobadge is a well known mobile traffic service with several large clients. The reason its listed here is because we have found their support on the top list of services and because there are some in the industry which are looking to write about mobadge scam reviews. Its true, some of their services may looks strange, but you can talk to them over the phone to get all answers.
  • - Developers and application owners can buy Mobile traffic from leadbolt and can rest assure that they are going to be happy with the traffic. Lately in 2011 we have got some leadbolt scam reviews from old time customers, but all issues was solved by leadbolt support team.