Google Mobile Traffic

I have seen many marketers jumping into mobile advertising without doing keyword research, which made me shake my head a lot. They rely on their gut instead of doing keyword research to determine the right keywords for their mobile campaign. Any established mobile marketer knows that the slightest variation in keyword phrasing can mean huge difference in your campaign.

In addition to keywords, there are many other types of information that concerns a mobile marketer. What mobile devices did they use to access your site? Is your mobile site meeting the needs of users? These data are crucial to any campaign process.

I understand why many mobile marketers skip the research process. The reason is that there seems to be no method or tool available for determining one’s mobile traffic statistics. However, without sufficient information, creating appropriate mobile marketing campaign is tougher. Is there any way to get around this?

What I do is utilize some Google elements to collect and display data about my mobile campaign. What I’m referring to is the Google mobile traffic estimator. This tool is actually integrated into Google Analytics, which is used to access your website data. To determine my mobile traffic data, I go to the Visitors area, then I click on Mobile. You can view traffic received by Mobile Devices or Mobile Carriers. After you can click an option, you can filter data further by keyword, mobile brand, etc.

One of the things I learned from using the Google mobile traffic estimator is that mobile users prefer to use shorter keywords. They are also more likely to make typos.

What Google mobile traffic estimator offers is knowledge. If you know what elements attract your target audience the most, you’ll be able to give the right shape and direction to your marketing campaign. At the same time, you will avoid making costly mistakes with your advertising budget.

The mobile traffic estimator is important not only for purposes of SEO content creation, but also if you are thinking of using Google AdMob. If you don’t want to end up paying for PPC website traffic that you don’t need, review and analyze your Google mobile traffic estimator data before deciding on the keyword phrase to buy.

Important keyword elements you can learn from studying your Google mobile traffic estimator data include:

• Level of popularity of a keyword or a phrase
• The number of times a keyword phrase is clicked per day
• How much a click would cost you
• The average number of clicks you can expect to get per day

To sum it up, the Google mobile traffic estimator helps you optimize your mobile site for search engines better as well as use your advertising budget wisely.

If you want more advanced targeted traffic estimator tools, you should know that there are also several paid tools designed for that purpose. Examples are Bango and Amethon.