Mobile Traffic Statistics

If you don’t know what’s going on in your mobile site, how will know what the next steps to take are? If you don’t what know where you lack in your marketing campaign, how can you apply the right solution?

A mobile marketer is like a physician. You must know what’s going on with the body so you can prescribe the right medicine or treatment. A physician uses stethoscopes, CT-Scan, etc to give a patient proper diagnosis. A mobile marketer has mobile traffic statistics tools to see if their mobile site is in “healthy” condition or not.
There are many mobile advertising methods available. It makes sense to use mobile trafficand stats analysis tools to derive accurate data. Advertising rates for mobile devices are also more expensive than their web-based counterparts, you need to know which advertising method works best for you. Is it mobile search marketing or text advertising, mobile advertising or desktop promotion of your mobile services? You should know that a great mobile traffic statistics and analysis tool can help you determine that.

Mobile traffic statistics refers to data pulled every time a mobile user accesses your website from their device. Key information you need to monitor regularly are:

• Page views. What page gets the most views? This will provide you vital clues as to the topic/product/ service that interest consumers the most.
• Hits. This refers to the total number of page visits you get in a day.
• Countries. Where do most your visitors come from?

In addition to visitor information, mobile traffic stats can also provide you data specific to mobile devices, including:

• Mobile device manufacturer. Do you get more visits from Apple or Nokia users?
• Mobile device model. What device do most of your visitors use?
• Mobile input selector. This shows the input method your visitor utilized when they accessed your website. Is it touchscreen, joystick, physical keypad, clickwheel, or joystick?
• Screen resolution. This can give you an idea as how to best optimize your mobile site for your mobile customers.

Knowing the numbers behind your mobile site is not enough. You need to take it a step further by analyzing your mobile traffic statistics and comparing those data with your ROI and key performance indicators. From there, you plot the steps on improving audience response to your mobile marketing campaign. You can focus on campaign methods that can encourage repeat visits without a need for more marketing investment. All in all, a good mobile traffic statistics and analysis tool is essential for effective targeting of customers.