New and Improved Buy Traffic Guide!

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We are proud to launch the new and improved Buy Traffic Guide! If you already paid us a visit you might noticed some major changes and a lot of improvements as well as a major face lift and ownership change. Welcome to the new Buy Traffic Guide!

So what's new?

  1. Certifications - traffic services are granted certifications based on criteria they should meet. We are proud to be the official communication channel between you and the traffic services.
  2. Find your traffic service - Find exactly what you are looking for, easily in our index using the user friendly interface and sorting options.
  3. Traffic Service Information - Find out more about the service, offering, special promotions, additional services it provides and contact the service prior to making a purchase.
  4. Newsletter - You should definitely subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't done so already - we give you the latest news and updates from the internet marketing industry as well as traffic and seo tips.
  5. New Management- Introducing Oron Bar, the manager of the Buy Traffic Guide, Oron is an internet marketer who found interest in the Buy Traffic Guide as a communication channel between traffic services and webmasters.
  6. Reviews - Now you can comment and review on a traffic service you used. Whether it's good or bad, let the world know.
  7. File a complaint - Now you can file a complaint against a traffic service through the Buy Traffic Guide. We will monitor complaints and make sure they will be handled properly.
  8. Talk to us - We are available on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin - join us and together we will build a strong community that will benefit from sharing information and building strong partnerships.


We know many webmasters got burned by rogue traffic services and we decided it's time to put an end to the scam celebration. The certification seal is granted based on criteria that will protect you as a traffic buyer and prevent rogue services from making a fortune on your account.


Other than having the traffic services agree to certain terms we will monitor these services and try them ourselves. We will monitor complaints and make sure the traffic service comply with our terms.

What else?

Buying traffic is the easy way - We will provide you with all the information you need to build traffic in other ways, this will include tips, service recommendations and more .

There's more to it than meets the eye - take a dive into the new Buy Traffic Guide - Enjoy your stay and tell your friends!