Pinterest Your Site

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The Pinterest revolution is already here and it's interesting to see how in the age of Facebook alternative social networks manage to build a hype and become significant. But what's in it for you, do you need it as part of your SEO strategy? the answer is absolutely yes!

While it may just be that your website is not as relevant as you need it to be for Pinterest which deals mainly with images, you do need to have a presence there as you can enjoy targeted traffic and effective backlinks to your website.

Don't get me wrong, you don't have to have a "Pin it" badge on your site and send your visitors over to Pinterest, but you will need to create your own profile (sign up for the beta and you will get an invitation shortly) and post some relevant images and URLs in a relevant category - if you will be interesting enough - you might get some followers, in anyway it's a good time to do so as this network is growing fast and catching good niches there is a must.

How is it targeted traffic you may be asking? The answer is simple, correct tagging and categorizing your Pins will make it targeted, and the visitors should follow.

Backlinks? Yep! While the effect of such a backlink is still unknown in terms of SEO progress, the link is definitely a "Do Follow" link which sends some love to your website. You will be able to enjoy that link in a few days, depending on the popularity of your Pinterest profile.

The bottom line here is that since Pinterest is new and gaining new users at an impressive rate, it's the best time to join and follow the herd - you can only benefit from it.