SEO Question Time – Are Traffic Exchange Sites Great?

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Dear Readers

We are really sad to say that this will be the last week for SEO Question Time Season 2. BuyTrafficGuide will return to its normal article posting on the 28th of December.

Again, we would like thank all of our readers who supported SEO Question Time. From those readers who sent their own questions (and even helped answering some of the queries), those fans who saved our articles for future references, and for those who shared our articles on their social media sites, we would like to thank everyone who became a part of our series.

Do not fret as our journey will never end. We’ll return as soon as everything is settled.

For now, just enjoy the rest of the article series! And yes, Merry Christmas to everyone!



Recently, our readers are turning again to other traffic “solutions” which they believe can be useful on their traffic career. Other traffic users went to Fiverr and purchased traffic from untrusted traffic suppliers (which only provided bot traffic.) Some of them flunked out because Google caught glimpse of these illegal traffic suppliers. Now that they realized some targeted traffic suppliers were hoaxes, they decided to go for another traffic solution. This time, they went to traffic exchange sites.

Can these sites provide the right amount of traffic that site owners need? Let’s find out here!


Dear BTG

I hope that I’m not too late yet! I’m Latisha from Los Angeles, 20 years old and an aspiring Internet entrepreneur.

I just learned that traffic was one of the most important things that you need to incorporate on a website if you really want to earn from it. With that, I decided to search for great traffic sources and found out that some website owners are onto traffic exchange sites.

I’ve read some news about them, stating that they’re not SEO friendly. Is this correct?

I don’t really want to risk anything on my newly created site as I don’t really want to lose money on my first try.

I’ll gladly wait for your feedback!




Hi Latisha

It’s good to hear that you were smart enough to ask this question first before trying it out.. A great SEO user should really have to ask first before trying out something as it would affect his/her website drastically.

Traffic exchange sites are those kinds of sites that offer “free” website traffic to some traffic suppliers by exchanging them. This can be done from one website to another, or maybe by a network of site partners.

SEO (and search engine crawlers) do not like this kind of strategy as it only brings “unnatural” traffic on your site. What’s more alarming is that these viewers usually bounce right off your site after landing on your page.

Best if you still apply SEO and purchase traffic from trusted traffic suppliers for legitimate traffic!

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