SEO Question Time – How to Maximize Traffic on Christmas Eve?

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Today is Christmas Eve, and everyone is just as excited as we are with the food, the exchanging of gifts, and everything that signifies happiness and love. As ordinary citizens, our work is totally over before the 24th could even arrive on our doorstep. But as site owners and traffic junkies, a day is still a day. A day without doing anything is like giving up your chances of earning sales. This is why you still need to apply SEO on your site for website traffic.

Yes, you can still say that there are a few website visitors out there who are still capable of producing sales even this day before Christmas. But how will you be able to that? Let’s answer it here!

Hi BuyTrafficGuide!

Call me Nikolai! I’m your ordinary site owner who loves using Christmas and the holiday spirit as an advantage in attracting more traffic and engagements.

I’ve been creating tons of tips and tricks with traffic during the Holidays, but some of them were not as effective as I have expected. For now, I’m still doing my best in maintaining my traffic.

I heard that your team can answer almost everything about traffic. How about sharing some advice on traffic maximization during Christmas Eve?

Could you at least share us some of your insights on how can someone optimize their traffic during this very rare event? A good amount of website traffic would be a great gift to every website owner, right?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Greetings Nikolai!

Seems like you gave us a great challenge here! But anyway, we gladly accept your dare!

Surprisingly, there are still tons of website visitors that are still using their computers browsing for stuff before, after, and during Christmas. And yes, these people are still willing to pay at this moment.

What made them different is that they are “stricter” when it comes to purchases. And yes, a simple turn off could actually aggravate them completely. Worst case scenario here is that they’ll avoid your sites for good!

We had a few tips for those sites who just wanted to have their own converting targeted traffic!

  1. Run Christmas offers and promos – Seriously, don’t sell your products and services on normal prices on this festive season.
  2. Provide new contents and articles for them to read – You can include details on Christmas promos or other future changes that your site will undergo next year.
  3. Don’t forget to target them – Lastly, don’t forget to target your traffic. You’ll lose potentials sales if you will not aim for specific audiences as your main traffic.

Just follow our league and you’ll get tons of traffic during Christmas Eve in no time at all!

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