SEO Question Time – Is Reddit Good for Traffic Part 2

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reddit traffic part 2

Hi Traffic Buyers!

We noticed that tons of questions were about Reddit and its power in SEO. About 10 questions that were sent to us focused on SEO and its ability to gain traffic. Because of this tremendous demand of answer with Reddit, we decided to provide yet another article answering one of the most common questions asked regarding Reddit.

So website owners, are you ready for Reddit Part 2? Know more about this awesome social bookmarking site here!

Reddit is not your ordinary social media/social bookmark/forums site. Others might think that Reddit is just your stereotypical website with tons of viewers, but in reality, Reddit is something more than that.

You can treat Reddit as a site which covers well-divided core users. Reddit is the kind of site where you can easily pick out targeted traffic because of its threads. What makes Reddit greater is the fact that hundreds of viral posts started on this site.

As a website owner, you might think that Reddit is a perfect starting point for gathering social media traffic. But the question is this: Do traffic and SEO both benefit clearly on the said social site?

Let’s know more about it here!


Hey BTG!

I’m Reginald and I’ve been in the SEO industry for almost 3 years now.

I’m the current of, a site which features funny cat images and gifs. For now, I earn a lot of traffic regularly because of my post’s virality.

I just recently discovered Reddit and was completely curious about its power to attract views and visitors. At first, I have my doubts. But after posting a few pics, I saw some increase in my traffic counter.

Now, I tried including links on my posts to see if it will help me build a good backlink.

But wait, will I ever get something from posting links on Reddit? Are these dofollow links? Will it help me gain backlink juices?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Reginald

We’ve done some research about Reddit and the links that are posted in it.

After a few hours of meeting with our friends from Reddit, we learned a few things about posted links.

  • Links are initially nofollow - They cannot be indexed by search engine crawlers so putting up a bunch of links from various subreddits will never give you any link juice. However, visitors from these links are still great because they are still considered as website traffic.
  • They may acquire SEO power if they’ve been archived – You can also get some SEO power from those links if your link have provided tons of upvotes or replies from other redditors. So if you’re aiming for link juices, you need to ensure that your link is relatable to the thread.

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