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misspelled brand names

Here at SEO Question Time, we usually know the trends that run the Internet when it comes to brand naming. From your usual start-up-ish names to combined names, our team of traffic specialists knows them by heart. However, there’s this one strategy that we almost missed when it comes to business trends. And this by using misspelled names!

Most brand owners are going forward with “smart” branding by doing using keywords that are intentionally misspelled. Although it rings an ear to some clients, search engine crawlers would see this as an “unintentional” spelling and would lead you to pages with the “right” word that you were looking for.

Many newbie marketers are still using this trend, just to be babysitted by the big hype. However, will it be beneficial in the long run (considering that SEO is really strict about words and queries from your website traffic?) Let’s find out here!

Hello BTG!

It’s my first time writing about SEO so please forgive me if I wasn’t able to relay my exact thought in this letter. I do hope that people would help me out with this one.

I’m no online marketer, but you could say I’m in the middle of the making.

I do have this upcoming project that I think could really bring tons of sales. I already named this brand and shared the name with my friends. Some of them thought that my brand name was unique and interesting. Others thought that it wouldn’t work pretty well since the spelling is kinda off.

Just to give you a hint, it’s an app that I was planning to execute. It will be called Bikr (an app for bikers.)

Again, my SEO friends that Bikr is a pretty bad name since the term “biker” will most likely pop out when my clients will search for my brand. Is this true? Should I lose the name and go for a more common one?



Hi Reader!

Your SEO friends are definitely right about your brand’s visibility on search engines. It is true that Bikr sounds great, but it would be a complicated term to maintain. You may still be able to optimize your keyword until Google recognizes your brand, but we believe it would take a very long time.

Your best options would be another name change. You could go for a more “common” brand name to ensure organic exposure.

Again, we’re not saying that Bikr is not the best name for a bike app (although we do think that Bikr can eventually send tons of mobile traffic.) But in the world of SEO, being simple and straightforward is usually the best “branding” strategy out there.

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