SEO Question Time – New Website, Then What?

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Dear readers,

This will be our last post for this season. For the last time, we do want to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude. Thank you for trusting SEO Question Time! Thank you for reading our contents and sharing them on your blogs. Thank you for saving them on your browsers. Thank you for using our articles as your trusted sources in understanding basic SEO queries.

So before the year ends, we would like to help you out for the last time! Let us bring you the facts that you need before this year ends with a bang!

Thank you so much! And we hope that we’ll see you on the next season!

SEO Question Time Team!

Believe it or not, not all readers of BTG and SEO Question Time already have their own websites. As a matter of fact, some of them are interested in trying out online marketing and website handling. However, some of them are not really sure about this kind of journey as they have no idea what should be done before, during, and after creating their website.

Let’s hear out one of them here!

Dear BTG

My name is Susan and I’m from Kansan, nearly retiring because of my age so I decided to have a little business. My sons and daughters told me to invest on a website since they told me that money was fast when earned online.

You see here, I already have my own website, but I don’t really know what to do next. I heard that you really have to work for it with SEO with some web master tools, but I’m pretty much clueless about it.

Can you help an old lady out? I’ll be waiting for your answers.



Hello Susan!

Say hello to Kansan for us!

Your children must have been aware that online marketing is one surefire way to earn money. However, we can’t really assure 100% if you are not yet that familiar with the ups and downs of websites.

Since you are new to this kind of business, you must first do these things before officially “launching” your site.

  1. Build up social media accounts to help you out with your posts
  2. Create tons of contents that will serve as your blog
  3. Search for your “accurate” keywords
  4. Draft a plan for your links
  5. Read SEO friendly guys to ensure that you know the basics of SEO
  6. Check your website and know it’s limitations in terms of traffic.
  7. Search for traffic suppliers where you can buy traffic in the future.

So yep, do these things first before going forward with your website. Remember, handling a website may sound too difficult. But once you figured out which steps should you follow first, you’ll definitely get the most out of your site!

And this is SEO Question Time! Thank you everyone!