SEO Question Time – No Organic Traffic?!

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Whether we like it or not, organic traffic still rules the world of traffic. You can easily get more referral traffic from sites, social traffic from various social media sites, and other kinds of traffic that you could easily get anywhere. But for us, the hardest traffic to work on with is organic traffic. To get organic traffic, you must apply optimize your site. Without SEO, you’ll be groping in the dark with your website. Site optimization should be practiced by everyone else. A site missing SEO is surely making a big mistake with their site.

But what if you’re doing your best with site optimization and then, you end up with 0 organic visitors. Should you be alarmed with your site?

One of our readers has shared her case with us, asking for our help. Think we could this reader out?

Check this out!

Hello BTG,

I am Heiny Skorvak from Cyprus and I recently transferred in the U.S. to start a new life as a website manager.

My team and I were handling a certain online gaming site which provides tips and tricks from various “GMs” (or Game Masters) in exchange of in-game money. For now, we are doing pretty good when it comes to SEO, but not until we had a revamp.

After changing some keywords, contents, and a bunch of links, we waited for our visitors to naturally reappear again. Do take note that we already submitted our sitemap to Google. But after a few days, w still got 0 organic searches.

Yes! I know that it was simply impossible! From a whopping 10k visitors per day, we got 0!

Should I report to Google again? Am I hacked? Please help!


Heiny Skorvak


Hi Heiny!

You’ve got to consider a lot of things before assuming that you were hacked or that you had big problems with your site.

  • Your niche – Your niche is pretty unique to us (and we can assume that it’s unique to the majority of website traffic on the Internet.) Putting that into consideration, we could say that you might be having a little bit of problem when it comes to niche familiarity.
  • Your keywords – What keywords are you targeting? Are they well searched on Google?
  • Your overall SEO – Are you sure that you’re really optimized? If that’s the case, you should be appearing on SERPs (search engine results pages.) Check your page ranks and see if your website can be seen by organic viewers.

If you think that you are still missing your organic traffic, you must go with paid targeted traffic. Consuming more targeted traffic will eventually bring SEO power to your site (which will slowly give you organic traffic.)

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