SEO Question Time – SEO Keyword Strategy for 2016

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You could almost see 2016 right before your eyes. With only a number of days remaining, website owners are pretty much excited (and scared) with the upcoming updates in SEO. They’re afraid that some of today’s working strategies might go around next year. Some of them feel excited as it would signify a total “reset” which can pull their sites from the bottom up to the higher ranks. But despite all hopes for changes, there’s this one thing that everyone should never forget. KEYWORDS! And as a website owner, you must have at least a clue with what should your SEO Keyword Strategy be for 2016.

Should website owners continue to rank the same keywords to expect the same result? Should they change it by 2016 to avoid violations?

Let’s know more about the would-be trends of keywords with this article!


Hello BTG!

Keywords are everything to me. I owe my site’s success to our in-depth keyword planning. I don’t know if it also applies on every website, but proper keywording really helped y site rank. I’m really thankful that my team mates knew how to properly choose the right kind of keyword in order to keep us on the verge of success. Without my keyword strategies, I highly doubt that I will be able to attract tons of targeted traffic.

With 2016 around the corner, I am completely concerned about the things that could change when it comes to SEO (especially when it comes to keyword rankings.)

BTG, I know that you have something in there. And I’m really anxious to know it. Do you have any idea how keyword trends would work out this 2016? What are the things that I should really invest on if I’m mainly depending my SEO powers on keywords?

Thank you, BTG! I hope that I will hear a word from you soon!


Hi reader!

Unfortunately, we haven’t received your name. However, we have great news for you!

First of all, we’re really happy that you’ve been doing a good job with your keywords. Only a few handpicked websites are “blessed” with such rewards. Ranking greatly with keywords only mean that you’re actually doing a good job in SEO.

As of now, Google isn’t really “leaking” anything about keywords. However, we have some dependable sources stating that keyword trends aren’t really changing in 2016. Keyword stuffing and spamming are still 2 of the worst SEO sins next year, but we’re pretty sure that you’re not practicing them.

It is still advised keyword planning should still be accompanied by other traffic-gathering strategies (just like buying traffic.) In this way, you can get the most out of your traffic and your website!

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