SEO Question Time – Separating Contents for SEO

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separating contents

Contents are no laughing matter when it comes to SEO. Website owners clearly understand that contents are their gateways to high rankings. When one fully optimized his/her contents, he/she might be able to collect all possible rank 1s and page 1s on SERPs (search engine results pages.) Believe it or not, most sites that already ranked on SERPs have optimized their site’s content to its fullest potential. This is the reason why most sites today have great quality contents that were pretty hard to match.

And as a website owner, you too should have a content strategy that could be beneficial to your site in terms of SEO.

One of our readers sent us her story which covers a very unique SEO scenario about contents.

Let’s see if we can all figure this one out.

Are you ready to learn another SEO point for today?

Dear BTG,

I am Kishi from India and would really like to ask this SEO question for months. I do hope that you feature this one on your site.

I am currently one of the content strategists of a certain client. My client offers various outsourcing services which can be paid by our website traffic through cash, debit car, or PayPal.

They have assigned me to create a blog which will tackle these payments. As a content creator, I first checked some keywords to see if they are well searched. According to my research, “PAY WITH CASH AND PAYPAL” was a good search and decided to use this keyword for the page. However, I thought that separating these two “PAY WITH CASH” and “PAY WITH PAYPAL” can also work out pretty well since it will cover 2 keywords.

I’m really confused. Should I separate these contents or should I cover both of them on a single content? Thanks!



Hi Kishi

Seems like your case was the first of its kind here! Thank you for giving us another unique case to talk about!

Anyway, we searched for those keywords that you were talking about and we arrived with a simple answer to it.

Just go with what you really are aiming for.

To be honest, both keywords are great. I believe this only depends on your SEO aim.

But in our opinion, tackling them at the same time (thus with PAY WITH CASH AND PAYPAL) would suit you better since you are offering both accounts. This gives a more “accurate” result which can be really beneficial when you are getting targeted traffic for your site.

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