SEO Question Time – Social Media Sites for 2016

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On our previous posts, our team gave some “forecasts” which featured possible trends in the world of SEO. According to some of these forecasts, SEO will still focus on user experience, links, contents, and social media. As a website owner, you must consider social media sites as one of your key priorities in SEO. Not focusing on social media sites means you’re withdrawing to a battle which you could easily won. Yes, social media may be one of the biggest medium that any website owner should deal with when optimizing a website, but that doesn’t mean you can’t actually do something about it.

As a brand, getting ready for next year’s SEO shift is one of the most logical strategy that you could do right now.

One of BTG’s readers already thought of this one, so that reader decided to ask us about the future of social media sites (and the potential clusters of website traffic that you could earn from them.)

Let’s hear out his/her story!


I’m Gustrovick, a quirky SEO from Germany. I’m currently making this SEO plan for my website. I think handled some parts of it pretty well, except for one simple thing. Social Media!

I do have tons of experiences with SEO, but I’m not “hip” enough to be updated with the most popular social media sites of this year. I know we still have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I’m pretty sure that there are still more where those came from.

Can you give us your own possible guidelines for 2016 when it comes to social media sites?

I hope I could hear from you soon!



Greetings Gustrovick!

Just like what we’ve tackled from our previous posts, no one could ever do an accurate forecast about these things. The only basis that we can use is the current trend that we are having right now.

Judging by today’s trend, your common social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will still prosper till next year. So if you’re site is currently using these sites, there would be no problem at all.

Now things will go differently when it comes to video sharing sites. We still have YouTube, but expect more emerging sites like Periscope and Meerkat. Also consider other image sharing sites such as Snapchat, Imgur and Flickras as part of your social media squad since they will also provide good targeted traffic when optimized well.

And yes, you also might have noticed Reddit as one of the most talked about social media site on SEO today, so keep an eye out for it.

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