SEO Question Time – What is SEO in 2016?

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seo for 2016

We have almost 3 weeks left before 2015 finally ends with a celebration. Some people may have thought that SEO wouldn’t change that much, but others believe that it would be more gruesome in the upcoming year. SEO’s year 2015 was not really that great to some website owners since there were tons of updates that killed thousands of websites. You got those strict content updates (and one should take note that the last Penguin update for this year will be rolled before 2016 arrives,) punishing global mobile optimization of sites, stricter Google policies, removal of various SEO points and more.

So with all of these updates happening, you’ll wonder what’s more with SEO in 2016. You’ll wonder how it will evolve further as year 2016 arrives.

Some of our readers had the same curiosity with 2016’s SEO and decided to ask us through SEO Question time.  And today, all of your questions about SEO’s forecast will be answered with the help of our SEO gurus.

So guys, are you ready to discover more about SEO’s future? Read on to find out!


Gebson here from Iowa! I know that this question was probably asked by thousands already, but I guess I’ll just try my luck and see if we could receive something from you guys!

We do all know that SEO’s evolving as time goes by. And with that idea, you can say that we (website owners) are afraid of what could happen to SEO in the future (especially with our website traffic.)

As much as possible, we want some “clues” that could help us on 2016.

So guys, please, please, please! If you have something that you could share with us (or maybe leak) some SEO points that we should look forward next year.

Thanks and I hope this could help out other fellow website owners like me in the future!


Hi Gebson!

To be honest, we don’t have any clear answers with 2016’s SEO. We tried contacting Google but we haven’t heard from them ever since. Seems like they really want us to work for it, right?

But hey! That doesn’t mean that we don’t have answers for you.

One should take note that SEO goes through a certain trend. They may not give us full details about it, but I’m pretty sure that there are clues!

For now, what we could say is that content will still be the King in SEO but links will still follow up (if not overpower it.) So if you’re really searching for a good way to attract targeted traffic, try optimizing your contents.

One thing is for sure, though. SEO will never change its main point, USER EXPERIENCE!

Well, that’s about our forecast with SEO in 2016!

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