SEO Question Time – White Hat Strategies to Quit This 2015

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The clock is ticking, the days are rushing. What we thought a week was now only days before 2016 appears on our calendar. We know that 2015 is not really staying here for long, and so do some “white hat strategies” that we thought would work out! Yes, there are some white hat strategies to quit this 2015 and don’t expect those to work out till next year! Better yet, start getting more sure-fire ways to get website traffic!

As site owners, it’s very important for you to know which strategies you should still use and which strategies should you let go as it would definitely hurt your website. One wrong strategy and your whole hard work would end up in the rubbles.

Yes, knowing which to let go and which to grab on is one pesky task for site owners. Fortunately, our team has these strategies that could be found useful for your website!

And yes, treat this as your would-be new year present from us!

Let’s hear out from one of our reader!


Dear BTG

Been on SEO for almost 3 years now, and I am certain that some strategies from 2015 will never work for 2016. Just had 2 of my websites down last year because of this one.

I don’t want to make the same mistakes twice and really don’t want to suffer from the same effect again. This is why I’m really hoping that you could actually give me something for this one.

Any ideas on what kind of white hat strats should I avoid to get more targeted traffic?

Hi Reader!

We hear you loud and clear for this one!

Yes, Google got some sneaky algorithm updates that could actually hurt your site. The funny thing here is that some of these strategies were at first great, but somehow harmful for next year.

Better list down these things so you could avoid them next year!


  1. Guest Blogging
  2. Link Spamming (Should really be avoided like plague)
  3. Overusing keywords
  4. Using tons of links on contents
  5. Store bought untargeted traffic (buy traffic from trusted suppliers and not from mediocre partners)

Google definitely has one of the snarkiest algorithms on the Internet. One day, it will be okay to use these strategies, and then it won’t on the next day! Be updated on Google to avoid such instances!

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