SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a big word. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s more than just a phrase. SEO became the buzz word as soon as Google took over and became the main search engine.

The essence of SEO is that everyone wants to be at the top, but only the ones who optimize their website correctly will get a taste of the top search results.

Whether you decided you want instant results and you plan to buy site traffic or you are looking for ways to make money online, SEO is something you should consider doing from the beginning.

Here’s the basics of SEO in a few words:

Content - “Content is king” and your website content determines both the relevance of your website to the keywords you are trying to get ranked for and the visitor’s attitude towards your website.
Incoming Links - Link building is one of the most important strategies a webmaster must do in order to get ranked high. Correct link building is based on relevance and strength of the websites you get links from.

Page Views, Bounce Rate and Click through – These factors effect your ranking and so they are SEO factors, you should increase your page views, decrease your bounce rate and increase your Click Throughs.
There are some very good web analytic services which will help you investigate and improve the necessary factors for success.

SEO takes time, you can’t expect to rank first in Google within a day a week or a month (unless you are trying for low competitive niche). If you get a promise from a company or a service to get ranked first in Google fast, you are being scammed.

Here’s why you should make the effort and SEO your website:

Free Targeted Traffic – Organic search engine traffic is the best traffic because it is free and it’s highly targeted as visitors get to your website using keywords relevant to the content offered on your website.

Additional Business opportunity – When your website ranks high in Google you will get more offers to advertise on your website, link exchange requests, link buying request and joint venture request. It basically opens you to a brand new world of money making.

Money Saver - instead of throwing away a lot of money on Pay Per Click or traffic buying services you get free traffic which costs nothing, you will care less when a visitor enters and leaves your website as it cost you nothing.
As part of the services we offer to webmasters, you can find some SEO services which were tested and found good and working so you should have no fear using them.

Important information you should be aware of in case you do SEO for your website or even use a service to take care of the optimization for you:

1. Google Panda Updates - During 2011 and following endless complaints from users, Google has decided to take action against the spam that is filling up the search engine result pages. This has resulted in a series of updates that go by the name of "Panda". Each of these updates resulted in ranking changes of less relevant websites that offer mass content that do not provide the best answer to user queries. Websites that were effected by these updates were either irrelevant websites or websites taking the "black hat" approach to search engine optimization by using techniques that are not acceptable by Google to promote their websites.

These series of updates is still ongoing and every month or so there is a new update that you should be aware of. Take into consideration to keep up to date with these changes and don't get left behind or else your website will get left behind.

2. Social media effect on SEO - no one can ignore the dramatic growth of social networks over the past few years, not even search engines. Some search engines even combined social network results within the results (Bing, Google). This means one thing for your website in terms of SEO - you should be there. If you have a business, then open a profile in these social networks (Google plus account, Facebook, Pinterest) you will be surprised that you can get some decent amount of social traffic from these sites if you operate and maintain your profiles properly.

3. Don't over optimize - As previously discussed over optimization can do more harm than good. Save your efforts to provide an added value to your business rather than following a "to do" list for your optimization work. The bottom line is that if your visitor like your website you have more chances of getting free traffic from people who will share your website, not mentioning recurring visits and other good factors that Google considers for ranking such as low bounce rate, high visit time duration and high page views rate.

4. User experience - Google sees everything. User behavior on your website is also effected by its design and layout - make sure your website is well designed and navigation is easy and comfortable.

5. Site loading speed - One of Google's Panda update involved site load speed. Slow sites will get left behind while fast loading sites will get ahead. There are various tools including a Firefox browser plugin which you can use to test your site loading speed.

6. Mobile friendly - Mobile device usage for web browsing growth is simply overwhelming. Adjust your website so it will be mobile friendly and you will benefit from traffic. There are plugins and services that can help you do that easily.

Stay updated - that's the most important advice you can get in terms of SEO. Factors that were relevant a few years ago are not relevant today.

There are SEO contests that you should consider joining to test your skills.

Before we get to these services, there’s a software I’ve been using for sometime and it’s called WebCEO, it’s probably one of the most professional piece of software for SEO. It gives you EVERYTHING you need to SEO your website plus you can manage clients you are doing SEO for and provide reportings and much more – You can find more about WebCEO by clicking here.

You can find these services in the relevant SEO sections:

Link Building – Read more about how to build links for your website, do it correctly and let other do it for you to save time.

Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is a must both for getting free traffic and for correct website SEO.

Website Content – The content on your website is very important, learn how you can get both original and relevant content good for seo with minimal effort.

If you know of a good SEO service, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll add it to the list.

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