Link Building

There are several ways to automatically build links to your website with minimal effort. The ways specified below are approved ways w’ve used for some of our websites and they turned out working not damaging the ranking in anyway but instead helping with the link building  job and saving A LOT of time and money:

Text Link Ads – One of the most popular and most commonly used to buy and sell links in an SEO friendly way. With TextLinkAds you simply need to choose the category, PageRank, Keywords and desired price of the link you are interested to buy and there you have it – as simple as that!

Cyber Link Pro – Definitely the best way to build links for your SEO campaign, the price are highly competitive and the links are high quality one based on all criteria of correct link building. You get comprehensive reporting and great support.

If you know of a good Link Building Service – Tell us about it

Link building is one of the most important factors of SEO. You need to have as many good relevant incoming links to your website as possible in order to have good ranking in Search Engines (and specifically Google for that matter).

Your link building campaign should be a clever one and you should pay attention to the following factors when building links:

Link relevancy – your links should come from friendly neighborhoods. Do your best not to gain links from junk, spammy websites or non relevant websites (content or category relevant that is).

Links from banned websites – You probably heard of the Sandbox effect where Google punishes websites for unethical manners, well links from such websites can harm you.

PageRank – Links from high page ranks are better from links from low pageranks. While this factor is controversial, we will still mention it as a link building factor until it will stop being relevant (meaning Google will stop using the Page Rank).

The more the merrier – The more links you build, the higher your ranking will be. However, try not to gain too many links too fast, this is something that can get you sandboxed in Google since it’s a technique to rank high fast and Google automatically prevents that from happening (VERY dangerous for new websites).

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